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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 17: Lisa Mei-Lee, January 1977

January's non-centrefold of the month comes from Oui magazine, the (at this point) slightly racier publication from the Playboy stable.

Triple P  posted a couple of picture from this set in one of our regular reviews of The Pubic Wars and the complete pictorial was requested by one of our readers, Big Daddy Rex.

We're sorry that it has taken two years to post but we work out who is going to appear in these centrefold and non-centrefold posts months or even years in advance.

Miss Mei-Lee is a bit of a mystery as a model.  We can't find anything else out about her at all which, thankfully for our readers, reduces the amount of waffle we can spout on about her.

We are not even sure that she is Chinese.  She is certainly not pure Chinese but might, conceivably be part Chinese.  In some pictures she looks more Asian than others.  On balance we would guess that she has some oriental blood given the slightly almond shaped eyes and straight pubic hair.  We've been entertained by a number of young ladies of Chinese extraction over the years and they all had straight pubic hair.

Many of these pictures on the page were quite small; with the vertical format ones being arranged in threes along the top or bottom of the page.

This pussy caressing shot was quite strong at the time for Oui but this pictorial was shot by Suze Randall during her brief period with Playboy Enterpises.  She would shortly move to Hustler where her more explicit style would flourish.

Both of these shots are variations on the two page title picture.  This is quite an economical shoot.  You don't get the variations of clothing seen in Playboy (where the shoots would go on for days).  There are also  a very limited number of set-ups with Lisa assuming slightly different poses in front of a just a few different backgrounds.

This page and a half spread was one of the reasons most of the other photographs in the pictorial were so small.  Randall is using an unusual for her, Penthouse style soft focus effect in this pictorial. 

The final two pictures are the ones we have already posted in The Pubic Wars post.   There is nothing particularly groundbreaking in this set but Lisa is a lovely, slightly exotic girl with a nice, soft-looking body.   The setting has a good Shanghai nineteen twenties look about it too and it is well lit by Randall.

We hope Big Daddy Rex spots this post! We are always happy to take requests from our readers for a particular pictorial, if we can find it.  We have every copy of Playboy, Penthouse and Oui from the nineteen seventies, for example, plus a number of other magazines from the period.   Bear in mind, however, that we are intending to post in the relevant month this year.  So if you ask for another Miss January it will be a year before she is posted!

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