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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Harem Venus: Seductive Dance by Louis Icart

Seductive Dance (1935)

Time for another harem girl and they don't get much more seductive than this one by French artist Louis Icart (1880-1950).

This etching was part of a series of 23 illustrations for a limited edition of the eighteenth century satirical novel La Sopha: conte moral by Claude Prosper Jolyot de Crebillon.

We will look at more of these illustrations over on our The Seduction of Venus blog shortly.

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  1. Nice choice TripleP - I know little about art but try to appreciate your informative posts -I like the way her head is positioned, the fact that she has underarm hair and the hint of a belly.The gentleman transfixed by her bush and the texture of the whole thing appeal. Erotic.