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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Venus Returns 2: Lui issue 3

We continue to persevere with the new Lui magazine and after a visually disappointing second issue we find the third slightly more sensual, pictorially.  The cover is certainly provocative enough, with the impossibly elongated body of Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute displayed in their most revealing cover to date.


The second issue dispensed with the  pin-up illustration page but we are glad to see that they have reinstated the feature with the December issue.  This month's effort is a watercolour by French fashion illustrator Marc-Antoine Coulon.

Although Edita had already featured in a pictorial in the November issue they brought her back for a seaside shoot which actually had some colour saturation to it and wasn't washed out into pastel anemia.  This swimsuit shot features a tactile looking camel toe too.  

In and out of a series of little mesh outfits, or decorated by stripes of light and shade, we find New York based North Carolina-born model Martha Hunt.  There are credits for the manufacturer of what few clothes she does wear in the pictorial, of course.

A more overtly fashion featured pictorial photographed by Tom Munro follows featuring Danish model Josephine Skriver.  A bit more passion in this one than the previous month's equivalent which featured a young woman and a much older man and was slightly creepy as a result.

The next pictorial even has a ribbon of fluff on display as 20 year old American Maggie Duran poses for South African photographer Henrik Purienne.  This pictorial is mercifully free of product placement information;  probably because Maggie isn't wearing anything in most shots.

The 5'9" tall  Maggie has elicited some comment from the fashion establishment or posing naked so early in her career.  Her pictorial is the best and most traditional in the magazine: it's like Penthouse circa 1971.

Finally, we have Catalan/Basque actress, comedienne and singer Victoria Olloqui who was brought up in Switzerland.   Just the sort of minor starlet that old Lui used to regularly showcase in its previous incarnation but suffering from the flash on the camera sloppy style of lighting so popular at the moment.


  1. Quick question - where do you get your copies of Lui in London? Have a large number of 70s and early 80s and would like to renew the acquaintance!