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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Seven Million visits and some South Sea Island Venuses

We have just passed seven million visits on this blog so thank you to everyone who visits and, in particular, comments.

Now we usually try to feature a young lady from the country whose population most closely matches the landmark number of visits we have achieved.  The country with the population closest to seven million is Papua New Guinea.  

Oh no, we thought, we'll never find any Venuses from there.  We had such an issue in the past when we were trying to find attractive women from the Democartic Republic of Congo.  I'm sure there are  many attractive women in the Congo, they just don't take their clothes off and pose for photographers.  Actually, we had forgotten about the Zande people, who live in the north of the Congo as there are some very attractive ladies amongst them.

Anyway, back to PNG and we have discovered, with delight, that the ladies there have not bowed down to colonial missionaries who tried to get them to cover up in the nineteenth century or, rather, they now don't bother.  PNG must be one of the few (the only?) country where the contestants for the national beauty contest, Miss Papua New Guinea, pose topless in traditional dress for the contest.

Several of these shots are actually from past Miss Papua New Guinea contests.  Well done ladies; you look spectacular!

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  1. Delightful, unfettered natural bosoms. Especially keen on the lady with full nipples.