Erotic depictions of women in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography from the dawn of man to the present.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Flexible Venus 4: by Francis Giacobetti

We haven't had a flexible Venus for some time and so here is a wonderfully sensuous image by French photographer Francis Giacobetti.  This is from a pictorial of his work which appeared in Playboy in their July 1983 issue.  His own comments of the picture are typically Gallic: "Here, rigorousness looks natural, naturalness looks like a young girl, and the young girl looks like a caress."  Quite.

What it looks like to Triple P is a fine study of a woman stretching her beautifully lit adductor muscles and posing her body into a splendidly geometric shape.  A hugely successful photograph by the master who set the style for Lui magazine and inspired a generation of photographers of women.  New Lui would be better with just a tenth of his visual style.

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