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Friday, November 29, 2013

Colombian Venus: Tatiana Gil

Agent Triple P apologises for the lack of updates over the last two weeks but he has been in Colombia and, indeed, meeting a number of Colombian models.  Very lovely they were too.  All sinuous, snake-like hips, endless legs, long black hair and taut, tight posteriors. 

So to " celebrate" our return from Colombia's 32 degrees centigrade Caribbean coast here is Tatiana Gil who fits the slinky profile very well.

We can't find out much about Tatiana other than she appears to be from Medellin which, only fifteen years ago, was one of the most dangerous cities on earth with over 6,500 murders a year.  Now the murder rate is less than  a tenth of that

What a lickable belly-button!

These days Medellin is to Bogota as Barcelona or Milan is to Madrid or Rome and was recently voted the most innovative city on earth.  

Many of these pictures of Tatiana originated in the Colombia men's magazine Solo which was founded in 1999 and has the second biggest circulation of any magazine in Colombia.

The magazine regularly features naked Colombian models and actresses and if Triple P ran a Colombian magazine that is what he would feature too!

Muy buena!

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