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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Non centrefold Venus of the Month 21: Brie Phillips, May 1978

We have given up trying to post our centrefolds and non centrefolds of the month every month as the amount of formatting they take involves a disproportionate amount of our time.  That doesn't mean that we won't continue to fill in the gaps when we get the opportunity, though, but may try and drop in some briefer entries, such as this one, in order to catch up.  Anyway Brie is a model about whom we cannot find anything else so she may have been one of those many girls who posed for Penthouse and was never seen again in print.

Brie Phillips appeared in the May 1978 issue of Penthouse; photographed by Jim Foxx in, we are told, the Caribbean.  This pictorial has been posted following a request from one of our readers, who spotted the picture of her in one of our Pubic Wars posts and wanted to see more.  Something we are always happy to do if we have time.

Only Penthouse, at this time, would include a photograph of the sunset in one of their pictorials.  Just after sunrise and just before sunset, of course, being very good times to get some nice warm light on a naked body. 

In our initial look at Brie she is depicted on on the beach and getting very interactive with some waves.  It must be odd to be named after a cheese but perhaps she pronounced it differently or perhaps they don't eat Brie in America (I'm sure they do!).  Triple P was in Western Australia once and popped into a shop in the pretty wine town of Margaret River.  He saw some local Margaret River Brie (the Australians didn't worry about internationally registered local food trademarks at that point - you could still buy red "Burgundy" there) advertised in the window and fancied a piece.  Oddly, the piece behind the counter pronounced it "Bry" rather than "Bree".

Brie (or Bry) is next shown cavorting around a swimming pool and Mr Foxx catches some shots of nice water droplets on her skin.

The next shot is the naughtiest one in the pictorial although, for 1978, it's not that naughty really.  It's the only one of Brie in stockings and very delicious she looks too.  She's be very tasty with a baguette and a bottle of Provence rosé .

Next the photographer poses her with a piece of fruit but obviously thinking that an apple is a bit dull he gives her a banana to play with instead.

Brie has much more fun with this than the apple.  Very subtle.

Next we have Brie out in the hot sun and looking nicely shiny in her seventies shades.

Not as shiny as in the final shot where she is giving her self a good oil up.  Typically photographers use lots of baby oil on a model when she has gone and got herself sun burnt by lolling around the pool too long with not very much (if anything) on.

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