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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Personally Selected Venus 1: From Penthouse UK Volume 14 No 7

Putting together the centrefold, non-centrefold and Pubic Wars posts for this blog takes ages.  As Agent Triple P has been travelling a lot of late and is generally very busy with work we have not been able to post as much as we would like.  Our particular friend B, from Germany, was berating us via e-mail only yesterday.

So, to rectify this situation somewhat, we are going to post the occasional personally selected one-off picture.  These will be images we happen upon, perhaps when looking for material for the longer posts, which just happen to take our fancy.  There will be no rhyme, reason or theme to these pictures: they are just ones we like.  Maybe, as in the case with this picture, the other images in the book or pictorial are not as strong.  Maybe, it is just a one off image anyway.  Some of them will be illustrations rather than photographs.  There may even be some celebrities!  Whatever, the idea is that we resist the temptation to research the model/artist/photographer and just present the image itself.  We have seen many fine blogs which just present images and while we do these blogs partly to keep our writing skills honed, sometimes a strong image is enough.

Joanne Latham on the cover

Here, anyway, is an unknown young lady from the UK edition of Penthouse, Volume 14 No 7 (October 1979) which we found while researching our next Pubic Wars episode which covers that year.  The photograph is by Bryan Wharton.  Less writing for the next one, we promise!


  1. Oh that's a shame. I am very fond and enjoyed your writing almost as much as the images! I look forward to each of your next posting really. The writing and quality of research that goes into each post truly enlightens the mind. The images stimulates other things. :-) Thank you so much for all the hard work. Please do keep it up! Your blogs is something that i check-in on daily basis, and almost the very first thing i check whenever i'm online. :-)

  2. Thank you for you kind word. I intend to keep posting but just not quite so often!

  3. Ditto Anon's thanks and compliments.

    I have folders on my hard drive for different celebrities, photoshoots, etc. but I also have a folder of random pics I've run across.

    So I'm quite understanding of this variation of post you've introduced, and applaud it.

  4. Would love to see pictorials on Jill St. John or Raquel Welch. Thanks G$

  5. For Raquel just look at my Cavegirls in Fur Bikinis Blog. See right sidebar. Jill ST John is a good idea!

    1. Thanks for the cavegirls info. G$