Erotic depictions of women in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography from the dawn of man to the present.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

300 Followers and Marcy Hanson!

Well, we have returned from Central and South America to discover that Venus Observations has just reached 300 followers.  We are very grateful to you all and hope you continue to enjoy our selection of enticing women from the past.

As usual, of late, we are celebrating by publishing a small selection of pictures of, in this case, Playboy's 300th Playmate.  Now checking on the web there seems some disagreement as to who is the 300th Playmate but we are pretty sure, after several counts and recounts, that it was Marcy Hanson from October 1978.  Not the 300th centrefold as some issues had more than one centrefold.  We also include Marilyn Monroe in the first issue even though technically she was the Sweetheart of the Month.

The very perky Marcy triumphantly passes the Triple P "does she look good in a white vest?" test.


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