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Monday, June 10, 2013

Centrefold Venus of the Month 49: Wendy Blodgett, June 1975

We have got a long way behind in our centrefold Venuses of the month so, rather than carry on with the much delayed next one in line (for January), we have decided to go straight to June and then fill the gaps retrospectively.  We have had a request for a larger image of Wendy Blodgett's June 1975 Penthouse centrefold so we have decided to feature her for the June centrefold of the month.

Wendy's cover shot, which like her pictorial was shot by Bob Guccione himself, is a marvel of eroticism as she rubs her lace covered groin against the furniture while thrusting her remarkable bust forward and, most unusually for Penthouse, looking at the camera.  This was only the third Penthouse cover where the cover girl displayed her charms in such an assertive way.  Playboy would go the same way a couple of months later, before doing a rapid about face at the end of 1975,  By June 1976, however this brief period of nipple displaying would disappear from Penthouse too.

Wendy has a couple of shots where she is shown with a flower: something of a seventies Penthouse (and a Guccione in particular) trademark.  One of his critics once said that he felt that Guccione was a frustrated florist.  At least its not the more usual red carnations.

The way her erect nipple is just brushing the back of the chair in this one is typical of the attention to erotic detail displayed in many Penthouse pictures of this period.  Sadly this sort of subtle erotic charge is no longer demonstrated in the magazine any more.

Another Guccione visual trademark was the use of long beads which were especially enticing when they could dangle between such a magnificent pair as Wendy has.  Unusually for the time they don't give her vital statistics but do say that she was 21 years old at the time.

We like the red ruffles on the top of her stockings they give her ensemble a touch of the Parisian naughty nineties.

This shot of Wendy's fingers sliding across her groin as she tugs her knickers down was one of the most sensual to date as Penthouse explored the barrier of having their models touch themselves down below.

More knicker tugging here, both front and back, as Wendy reveals a glimpse of her bits in another naughty picture for the time.

We can't find anything out about Wendy.  Given her unprepossessing sounding name we wonder whether her surname was her real one as you are unlikely to invent the name "Blodgett" to use for yourself given all the other names you could use.

Whatever, she was a still rare case of a Pet who displayed her labia albeit through the mists of soft focus which had just started to appear in the magazine at the end of the previous year.

This two handed pussy caress marked another high watermark for Penthouse's war with Playboy over the increasingly explicit poses of their models in the mid seventies. Unlike some other similar poses in other magazines her hands aren't there to conceal her pussy but to draw attention to it.

Finally, we have a few outtakes which weren't seen in the magazine.  What a beauty and what a shame she didn't seem to appear in any other magazines displaying her magnificent body.

Since we wrote this post another couple of dozen photographs from the session have come to light, so we are putting them up here.  We start with a portrait of her in the blue blouse she was seen in in the original magazine pictorial.  Immediately above is a slightly less cropped version.

These two don't have any equivalents in the original pictorial, although they are similar to some of the outtakes we posted above.  They are rare examples of Wendy being shown standing up!

This dress only made one appearance in the original pictorial but it gives the shot a nice period feel.

This outfit, characterised by the beads, the old fashioned stockings and the blouse was used rather more in the magazine pictures.

A different pair of black stockings in these ones.  this is the outfit she wore for the centrefold shot.  The last one includes some very bold labia displaying for the time.

Removing the black beads and stockings makes for a completely different and softer look.  This combination, with her just wearing her suspender belt didn't make it into the magazine.

This one is the only shot where you can see the entirity of her legs.  As someone commented, she is depicted as sitting down in most shots, with only the upper part of her legs showing.  Maybe Bob Guccione didn't feel her lower legs were up to his standard!

Again, an all white ensemble, here, and two more versions of the double handed pussy caressing shot.

Our final outtake would have been just that little bit too strong for mid-1975 as Wendy completely exposes her labia to the camera.


  1. Wow. What a beauty she is! Thanks very much.

  2. She was one of my favorites and it's too bad that clear pictures have not been posted on the PH website. Thanks for cleaning them up as well as you did.

  3. I've looked through all of her pix I can find and it looks like all of her poses involved sitting in a chair of some kind; nothing with her standing, or lying in bed. Very unusual.

    1. I hadn't noticed that! Maybe she had short legs or something.

  4. Thanks for these great pictures of the beautiful Wendy Blodgett. I remember her from way back when, and it's so nice to see her again. Shame about the soft focus but otherwise the photography is top notch.

  5. Best ever Penthouse cover as well.

  6. Wow, your pics are just gorgeous. This is one of the best sites on the net.

  7. From all those years ago, I'd remembered her last name and her erotic pictorial. I Googled "Blodgett, Penthouse" also thinking her first name's "Wendy" and -- thanks for likewise remembering and Thanks for posting Wendy Blodgett's memorable pictorial.
    Kinda a tribute -- I hope Wendy knows, wherever she is, that people remember her fondly (fantasy fondling of course) from all these years-- Wendy certainly made and makes an impression.
    And There aren't many pictorials from the '70's where I actually remember the name too... Thanks and Thanks to Wendy Blodgett!

  8. Hear, hear—absolutely a first-rate beauty. Thanks for these additions.

  9. You guys do a great job. Thanks.

    1. Technically we are one guy and two girls!

  10. Fantastic work as ever - where did the new pictures come from? The PH website? I thought they had finished updating the 70s / 80s sets years ago...

  11. Great shots of this model. Excellent concept for a blog. Here's an intriguing tidbit... there is a site called Filthy Gorgeous that displays a bunch of Penthouse pictures from that Era, taken by Guccione, of a model that looks exactly like Wendy. However they're almost certainly not taken from the same session... her hair is slightly different and she looks, maybe, 2% different than she does in the centerfold shots that you posted. I wonder if she was in the running for Pet of the year, and if these photos are from her follow-up session? And I also wonder why they never published those pictures, which are exquisite. Anyway, keep up the great work.