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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snowy Venus 2: by Robert Farber

A day of unexpected snow again in the South East of England so a good excuse for another snowy Venus.  We haven't been able to post for some time due to a problem with our computer which has now, happily, been rectified.

This picture is the work of American photographer Robert Farber whose one and only Penthouse shoot in 1976 we featured on our Seduction of Venus blog.  This picture is from around the same time and before he largely moved to black and white shots in the eighties.

By overexposing one stop and using a light coating of hairspray on a skylight filter he gets his unnamed Venus to appear to be either emerging from the snow or being consumed by it; like a Nordic snow nymph.


  1. The glimpse of the pubic triangle through the diaphanous sheet, at the epicentre of the picture, is what makes this image, and makes it beautiful. It would not have the same impact with a shaved lady.

  2. Back in the days of film, shooting effects live was risky (even with Polaroid test shots) but since there was no alternative until the advent of digital retouching, and the darkroom techniques were more or less limited, a photographer simply had to possess top-notch skills and equal amounts of self-confidence to back it up. With no way to salvage a seriously miscalculated exposure by fixing it "in the post", one could afford only so many botched up gigs before the phone stopped ringing...

  3. Fantastic site, highly erotic pictures; I'm so glad I found the links to your other blogs at The Seduction of Venus.

    I actually still own vintage copies of Playboy, Penthouse and Club from the 70's and 80's; they are; uhmmm, "well worn"; but the images of the women within them are just as sensual and erotic today as they were back then.

    Thanks for bringing some of those images back to light in the electronic age.

  4. It's a pleasure. Sadly, nothing any of these magazines produces today matches their work in the seventies and eighties in terms of quality, style and eroticism.