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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pancake Day Venus: Melissa Debling

Today is Pancake Day so here is Melissa Debling from Ramsgate with a very large stack.  

The strange world of the weekly "lad's mag" in Britain is entirely inhabited by busty creatures such as Ramsgate-born Melissa.  Appropriately, it is a two way fight as market leader Nuts and younger pretender Zoo battle it out with under-dressed Page 3 girls, sport and bad humour.

The "lad" culture can be traced back to the early nineties where it was seen as an antithesis to the "new man" phenomenon espoused by the likes of Arena and GQ magazines.  Defiantly anti-feminist, its popularity is much attacked by nervous politicians and an odd alliance between the liberal and conservative press who are doing their best to turn Britain into a sexless, gender neutral, politically correct, dystopian nightmare (i.e: Canada).

Not long ago the Conservative Party were warning that “lads mags” were a bad thing, were corrupting the young fathers of this country and should be banned (or at least put on the top shelf of newsagents where, presumably, young fathers would not be able to reach them as their arms would be too tired from lugging around the baby, buggy and the bag loads of  paraphernalia that accompany the squealing creatures). 

The main crime magazines like Zoo and Nuts is that they cause men to treat women as sex objects, according to the huffy Daily Telegraph.  Good grief, women are sex objects! That is what they were designed to be and if they weren’t we would all die out faster than the dinosaurs after the meteorite hit. As soon as man first started to create art he started to make carvings of naked women. As soon as he started to paint he painted naked women (and mammoths which were, admittedly pretty impressive and worth recording). As soon as he found a way to record objects on paper using light and light sensitive chemicals (Agent Triple P thinks that the invention of photography was as close to actual magic as you could get, as Arthur C Clarke would no doubt have agreed) he started photographing naked women, especially as many of the early photographers were based in France and had better raw material to work with. As soon as he found a way to make pictures move he took movies of naked women. As soon as he found a way to digitise images and send them electronically he sent naked women. Is it a surprise that the standard image for testing image processing algorithms is knows as a “Lenna” or “Lena” and is a cropped image of the centrefold (Lena Soderberg) from Playboy’s November 1972 edition? Much of the technological advancement made in order to improve the performance of the internet was done so as to be able to move pictures and videos of naked women around the web as fast as possible.

This pernicious anti-sexual movement has now moved on from purporting to protect young fathers from temptation to protecting children, as the press happily alight on the recent disclosures regarding TV presenter and disc jockey Jimmy Saville as moral justification.  We are happy to defy this worrying development here on Venus Observations which has always celebrated women's beauty, difference and, dare we say, superiority.  Life in Britain for millions of people was always handicapped by a peculiar attitude to nudity and sex which does not exist, for example, in many (most?) of the countries in Continental Europe.  What none of the newspapers have addressed, not surprisingly, is whether the mental health of girls in these countries is as shattered as it is supposedly in Britain by their current hates of sexualised music videos, online pornography and depictions of naked women.  Why is it that Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe?  Perhaps it is something to do with the long standing and now returning attitudes that sex and nudity (which are not the same thing) are bad, dirty and, therefore, become illicit.


  1. I love your rant in the middle of the Pancake day set. Great work there. As a US reader, page 3 beauty is not a common occurrence here, so the photo set is interesting, too. I am amazed that in my 50+ years, I had never heard of Pancake Day. Then on 2/12/2013, I learned of it from 3 different sources wit your blog being the most "informative" of the bunch. Further, your rant reminded me of an odd technological offshoot seen in my youth- the TTY centerfold, or RTTY centerfold/keyboard/ascii art pinup. there was an archive of these on the web, but it seems to have gone dark. here is a promo that still exists: My engineering college computer center had the third girl in the vid. available for printing on the teletypes. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on these in some future blog.

  2. British pancakes look weird, like messed-up crepes or something. Should've used a griddle (and a better recipe), Melissa!

    As far as lad mags go, I wonder if they'd get less flak if they weren't so stridently anti-feminist and...well, better-written. Seriously, lad mags, why does liking sex and enjoying looking at naked women have to be packaged with toxic sexism and having an utterly crap sense of humor? DO BETTER.

  3. American pancakes are thicker because they contain a raising agent which British pancakes and French crepes do not.

    Pancakes are always made in frying pans in Britain. Never seen a griddle in the UK; I had to look it up to see what it was!