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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Venus enlarged...bigger is better!

For some time we have been irritated by the small size of the images on our blogs so have decided to change templates to allow for the posting of larger pictures such as this.

We had a comment to the effect that the ultimate Playboy Playmate had to be Marilyn Lange from May 1974 so what better way to celebrate our bigger images than an image of a very big girl.


  1. I agree that Marilyn Lange is the ultimate Playmate. So .. why not post some more pictures of her or feature her as the Centerfold of the Month in the near future?

  2. How do you set the template for pics in blogger?

  3. Well, my day just improved considerably. ;-)

  4. Nice natural bosom with a hint of pendulousness. Glad we're enlarged!