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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

350 posts, 250 followers, 3.5 million views

Three milestones all in a short space of time so thanks to everyone who reads/and or comments.  It gives us an excuse to put up this picture which we have been sitting on for sometime.  It has no real relevance other than, possibly, some vague symbolism regarding looking to the future, but we just really love this image.

The beautifully constructed young lady is Juliana Goes (and I'm sure she does) a Brazilian model and former journalism student who gained fame in the Brazilian version of Big Brother.  What an utterly toothsome posterior she has!

We are always amused by the number of apartment block-dwelling North Americans who own telescopes so they can look into each other's flats.  It would be a jackpot day if you saw Juliana looking back at you!


  1. Make it 251 - I don't follow with an account but I've been here for a while and enjoyed every post!

  2. Congratulations! I don't always comment but I do enjoy the site.