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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Centrefold Venus of the Month 53: Debi Nicolle Johnson, October 1984

Here, as requested by one of our readers, is Miss Debi Johnson from Playboy October 1984  This picture above was originally the two page title spread for her pictorial but here it is without the words.

Never mind, Debi, with her very big eighties hair, is a nice distraction until we can complete our main Centrefold of the Month post.  Photographed by Pompeo Posar (surely the best name for a glamour photographer ever?) she had two rather fetching posterior shots in her pictorial. 

For Agent Triple P 1984 was one of the great Playmate years and it featured a good number of our all time favourites: Penny Baker, Justine Greiner, Donna Spier, Lesa Ann Pedriana, Roberta Vasquez and Karen Velez.  Classic!

Since we posted this we have had a request for the other pictures in her pictorial so here they are.  Playboy, after its initial use of bought in images of models in the mid fifties,  of course, became very focussed on finding the girl next door.  Whether this was deliberate ab initio or whether they found the readers responded better to "real" women, a key feature of their pictorials was to show the Playmate in their normal life.

California born Debi was originally a flight attendant for TWA but by the time her pictorial was shot she was working selling childrens' clothes in New York, hence these "day in the life"-type shots.

Triple P certainly likes these clothed shots as it makes the undressed ones that follow that bit more enticing, we feel.

We certainly bought this issue when it came out (although the copy we scanned these pictures from is a replacement) and we remember being particularly taken by this tiger-striped picture.  Growwwll!

In 1984 Playboy became a bit more explicit than it had been in the previous three of four years.  It has been suggested that this may have something to do with the availability of cheap erotic videotapes for the first time.

Although Debi didn't reveal as much as some of the girls in 1984 (notably Liz Stewart, Suzi Schott, Lese Ann Pedriana and Justine Greiner) she gave us quite few sensuous poses.

Debi was spotted during the search for the 30th Anniversary Playmate (January 1984's Penny Baker taking that title).  This very bold picture of her appeared in the pictorial featuring the Playmate hunt in the January 1984 issue.

The 5'5" tall Miss Johnson had a very trim 35-21-34 figure which is shown off to good effect in these pictures which did not appear in the magzine pictorial.

The 35 inch element of her vital statistics gave her a remarkable perky bust for such an otherwise quite skinny girl.

A few more examples of the tigerlicious ones.

This little pink number she is falling out of here did feature quite prominently in the magazine pictorial, not surprisingly.

If there is anything that Triple P appreciates more than a naked girl it's slightly damp naked girl.  We didn't get any from this "in the shower" selection in the magazine in the end.

These ones of Debi in the grey chair are the most sensual of all those shot by Posar.   Debi is not as well known as some of the 1984 crop of Playmates; largely because, other than a few Playboy videos, she did not go on to do films or television.  Penny Baker, Dona Speir, Patty Duffek, Tricia Lange, Kimberley Evenson and Roberta Vasquez fom 1984 all went on to appear in TV and movies in the eighties. 

Finally, we have one more fantastic rear end shot which brings this rather unscheduled diversion on Miss Johnson to an appropriately splendid end.


  1. Thanks so much! But I think that if you look at the credits for that issue's cover, you'll find that the model was another woman, a... Lesa Ann (Ana?) Pedriana. Or something like that.

  2. Indeed she is but I always inlcude the relevant cover whoever is on it!

  3. By the way, the image I remembered is the one at the top of your post. Stupendous. Might we see the rest of the pictorial one day?

  4. I would think that can be arranged!

  5. Great site! Your depictions of the many forms of Venus is quite nice and something that interests me quite a bit. I will be coming back here on a regular basis.

  6. I'm a frequent visitor, and thoroughly enjoy all of your posts- have you ever posted anything about Maria McBane?

  7. I haven't and hadn't registered her at all but what a fantastic pair!

    I will schedule her for May next year. I do have that issue of Playboy at least!

  8. Lovely. Thanks for the expansion! There are a lot of images here that I've never seen--and some good ones.

  9. Wow!
    These photos are beautiful. Why aren't modern girlie photos as beautiful as these?
    Modern photos are lacking in imagination and are often cheap and tacky, whereas the photos from the 1970s and 1980s ( as seen on your wonderful website) are much more stylish, much more imaginative and much more erotic.
    Thank you for these superb photos.

  10. The pretty girls are still out there but the visual look is now driven by the harsh approach of American pornogrophy rather than the desire to produce a sensuously erotic image. Also, some of these photographers were world class and went on to become famous mainstream photographers...

  11. Thanks for posting all these amazing photos of Debi Johnson. Debi and Barbara Edwards are tied as my favorite Playmates. the early to mid '80s was great time for Playmates. The photos of Debi on the grey chair are deeply sensual so special thanks for posting them. Some I hadn't seen before.

  12. Barbara was one of my favourites from the eighties I must feature her at some point.

  13. Debi Johnson, what a charming and wonderful woman, sweetly and frankly carnal. My favourite position is mounting from the rear, and she is an incarnation of the lure of the rear entry. Debi's images woke me up instantly. Admiral Hornblower

  14. This is Debi, I know for a fact because I recognized that face and looked at my friend profile on Facebook. That is her aunt. She has a whole album filled with now photos of her aunt and her aunts son.

  15. Debi is a favorite from 1984 as well, but I wish her implants had been better done. Wonderful bottom, tho.