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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Venus from the Rear: The Italian female culo by Serpieri

We have already looked at some of Italian comic-book artist Serpieri's illustrations over on our Seduction of Venus blog.

To tie in with our current theme featuring ladies (and, especially, Italian ladies) posteriors we thought we would post some more of his engagingly overripe figures.

Certainly as regards bottom worship Serpieri is to comic books what Tinto Brass is to cinema.  The fact that both are Italian cannot be a coincidence!

Most of these pictures are of his comic book heroine Druuna who has something of the nineteen sixties Playboy Playmate about her.

Certainly she has an most impressive bust/waist/hip ratio!

During the late nineteen eighties and early nineties Triple P spent a lot of time in Italy on business.  We had a number of Italian "girlfriends", for want of a better word, but most of them were slight in stature (Roman girls, we found, were often tiny) and we didn't particularly register any notable posteriors.

It wasn't until we spent a month in Rome one very hot August that we came across (so to speak) our first splendid Italian culo.  One Friday our Italian colleague had taken us to lunch with an Italian lady business woman (there were far more women involved in Triple P's area of business in Italy than in London, we should note).

It was extremely hot, around 100 degrees, and Triple P and his other colleague from London had been warned that after lunch, which we took on the terrace of her splendid house not far from the Coliseum, we would be required to swim in her pool (we had to take our swimming things with us) and that she would probably take her bikini top off.  Triple P remembered thinking that this didn't sound too arduous although our older colleague was terrified.

Indeed, everything happened just as Triple P's Italian colleague predicted and after really quite a lot of chilled red Frascati (which Triple P had never had before) we did end up in the pool with the topless business lady.  She was older that Triple P, who was in his late twenties, but probably only about forty although that seemed rather ancient to Triple P at the time!

Her body certainly didn't look old and she was only wearing a very tiny pair of high cut red bikini bottoms.  She was generously proportioned; not fat, just very curvy and whilst our colleague from London spent most of the afternoon trying not to look at her bust Triple P was enraptured by her behind (especially as she descended the steps into the pool), although sadly it was under the water most of the time.

Well, eventually Triple P's two colleagues left us to the not so tender mercies of this lady; they both had some convincing but fictitious reason to be elsewhere.  Triple P ended up staying the weekend and we were able to find out everything we wanted to about her splendid posterior, especially as she introduced us to what we subsequently discovered was called "reverse cowgirl".  This, we found, after some experimentation, satisfied both her desire to take the uppermost role (she was remarkably assertive) and satisfied ours to appreciate her fulsome derriere.

An altogether enjoyable experience (although not without its moments of abject terror, we have to admit - especially when she appeared in the bedroom with a large kitchen knife - to cut some figs it turned out) which these splendid drawings of Signor Serpieri bring back with rather wonderful clarity.

Sepieri's ability to render a female behind in pen and ink hatching is nothing short of miraculous and we can't think of another artist, outside classical ones, who can pull off this feat quite so well.

So we will finish with this, his finest example, in Triple P's view, of the Italian female culo.


  1. Stunning. And what a yarn.... Those things never happen to me!

  2. Thanks so much for a totally awesome and 'ass-some' story!

  3. Actually Serpieri has claimed he based Druna upon a brazilian playmate :)

  4. "Triple P ended up staying the weekend and we were able to find out everything we wanted to about her splendid posterior"

    Great story! Considering the theme of this post, can you tell us a little more about this woman's beautiful backside? It sounds delicious! After first admiring her buns, were you guys looking forward to the moment that she first revealed her anus, and what was that moment like? Describe it please!

    Considering the reverse-cowgirl position she was in, did you guys inspect and admire her anus the entire weekend? Was she proudly revealing and letting you guys enjoy that special puckered place that weekend? Can you tell us a little bit about the specifics of her backdoor from your memory?

    Really, I want to know! You're teasing us about this woman's butt!

  5. Oh such beautiful, beautiful pictures! I could look at them all day.
    The seventh picture down is my idea of the perfect looking girl, it really, really is. Perfect, truly perfect. Thank you for these lovely pictures and I also enjoyed reading that tale about the girl.

  6. I love the seventh picture down and the ninth and tenth pictures are superb. I truly love the wonderful poses in both the seventh and ninth pictures. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Beautiful pictures.

  7. Nice to see some men appreciate an ample ass. I look exactly like this model and, yes, I have noticed it's mostly Italian men chasing after me. White men from different cultures seem to consider it terrifying. Black, Latin and Italian men, it's a whole different story. Thanks for the self-esteem bump.