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Friday, September 30, 2011

Pubic Wars Update: 1975 part 1

Chris from Club, April 1975

We have just updated the Pubic Wars entry for 1975 part 1 with more text and a lot more photos to add to 1974 Part 2 which we updated earlier in the week.

Having been rather overwhelmed with bushy pussies from the seventies we might try and find a nice Victorian nude for our next post!


  1. Keep the bushy pussies cumming :-)

  2. I second that comment!

    A fantastic series, thanks. You've certainly bought back memories with the July & Oct '75 Penthouses.

    I wonder if the Pubic Wars could be summed up with this crazily Freudian 'What Kind Of Man Reads Playboy' ad from the same year - here on another blog .. - ... & click to enlarge. A gal's holding the interest of our man (& his baguettes) with her oranges and melons (form, ripe, etc), but there's a new gal looming offering something bushy...