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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Freckled Venus: 100 followers...and Pamela Anne Gordon

Pamela Ann Gordon's centrefold from March 1962

Shortly following on from hitting 1 million visits we now have reached, today, the milestone of having 100 followers.  So thank you to you all; your existence means that we do try to keep up the regular posting.

What better way to celebrate the 100th follower than examining the 100th Playboy Playmate who, if our calculations are correct, was Pamela Ann Gordon from March 1962.

Pamela was the first Canadian Playmate and came from Vancouver where, as Triple P well knows, they have more than their fair share of attractive women.

Time for a cocktail or two in Vancouver.  In the background can be seen the  Bayshore Inn (now the Westin Bayshore).  A view very similar to the one from our particular friend S's apartment in Coal Harbour

At the time of her pictorial she was working as a receptionist at a Vancouver construction firm but the nineteen year old Pamela was planning to go to the University of British Columbia.

Petite at 5'1", she measured a rather awe inspiring 39-23-35.

A lot of freckles on this one

The really unique thing about her was, of course, her amazing freckles.  Now in her centrefold they aren't that apparent but in some of the pictures of her, before retouching, it can be seen that she has a huge amount of them.  This was from the days when people didn't use suntan lotion, of course.

In fact there was limited retouching on Playmate centrefolds.  That is not to say that they weren't manipulated, they were, but this was done at the printing stage when the engraving was being made. 

A rare early sixties pubic shot.  It didn't appear in the magazine, of course

Playboy centrefolds were printed seperately from the rest of the magazine by Regensteiner Printing in Chicago.  Theodore Regensteiner, of course, invented the four colour lithographic process in 1894 using red, yellow, blue and, his addition, black, to develop the four colour process that is still in use to this day.

It was at the printers that the Playboy centrefold pictures, taken on the 8x10 Deardorff, would be turned into a lithographic engraving.  Any adjustments to the image were made at this stage. 

Playboy had strict guidelines and liked to push the reds and restrict the blacks in their centrefolds and remove natural skin tone.  It was quite deliberate that the centrefold image didn't look too realistic as they wanted to avoid a too sexy image.

In an interview in 1970 Art Johnson, the supervisor of the process at Regensteiner said that "Depending on the word from Hefner, freckles either stay or come off.  Or we can leave some freckles on and take others off."

In Pamela's case they have dialled back on her freckles, particularly in the centrefold as these other non-published, non manipulated images show.

Pamela the Bunny Girl

Pamela went on to work as a Bunny in the Chicago club and lived at the Playboy Mansion in Chicago.

She appeared in two Playboy calendars in 1963 and 1964.

Pamela also featured in this advertisement for the magazine but then disappeared from the Playboy radar.

 In Capilano Gardens

Here she is in the other photographs from her actual magazine pictorial; putting her blouses under some serious strain.

Her centrefold and the nude shots were taken by Mario Casilli.  The clothed ones from her pictorial were by Vancouver photographer Ken Honey.  He became one of Playboy's top scouts; Pamela was his first discovery.

So we hope our followers think that the lovely Miss Gordon is an appropriate offering for today's milestone!



  1. Being freckled myself, I personally like this Venus! ;)

  2. Always the profile shot - and with good reason!

  3. Great Venus article. I don't remember Pamela and enjoyed this new Venus post very much. I also agree with C.J. Scully and liked the freckles. Pamela had more than Lindsay Lohan whose freckles have had world wide viewing and are damn cute.

  4. Off-topic comment here; are you familiar with a photographer named John Everard? I found two of his books a few years ago. He did nothing but figure studies for artists (40's, 50's and 60's, maybe?). I've tried to find some of his work online, but my search has been fruitless. Any input?


  5. Oddly, I just ordered one of his books (Asian nudes) from abroad. So when (if) it comes I can put some up, I hope

  6. Pamela was a VERY B E A U T I F U L Woman!! She is a new find to me.
    Does anyone know how she died?
    She was Very young to pass away.

  7. She certainly hasn't passed away! Pamela was fired from Playboy shortly after the centerfold came out for unconfirmed altercations (explaining her later drop into obscurity) with some of the models and a problematic confrontational personality.
    With a daughter (left with her mother for the PB stint) in tow, Pamela moved around a fair bit, before marrying briefly in the Yukon, to a Bob Johnson, and working as a security guard on the historic paddle-wheeler, 'SS Klondike', in Whitehorse. But after an ugly divorce and a move back to Golden, landed her on the dole, even with several training courses, Pamela never managed to put herself back on track. The problematic confrontational personality stuck with her, and even with a final move to Mission, BC, in 1996 she has remained a welfare-recipient in recluse.
    Today she lives in Mission BC with her 30yr old son from the last marriage.
    *there doesn't seem to be any place to upload pictures unfortunately ... and if any of this is doubted, well, I am the 'black-sheep' of the family ... and am working on a book!

  8. Where do I send updated/current pictures and bio?
    'the black sheep'

  9. Fascinating comments. Thank you so much!

    You can send pictures to me at agenttriplep (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

  10. She didn't die ... Pamela-ann dropped into obscurity shortly after publication when fired from Playboy ... lives in mission, BC ... now goes by Pam Johnson on Facebook
    (quite the entertaining story from what I hear!)

  11. She was caught blowing a h.s. boy and tnat got her in some trouble.

  12. The above comment is written from the " black sheep" alright!...VERY Black! and very Sheepish! Blah! Blah! BlaH!!!! I am her daughter. Pam can be difficult alright...but NOT disgruntled as seems the half brother, here, venting AGAIN, who never hung out long enough with the family to know any truth. Good luck with the book! I would be very careful. Pamela is a very intelegent lady who made some bad choices. Her so called " black sheep" half brother needs to come to grips with some facts! He does NOT know her and never will! Lies are poplular in the press today. Splatting lies on Venus will never make him Zeus! Sad that so called family has to make members out in public to be bad-asses to make themselves sound important in order to gain bad his career ended in Quesnel B.C.!!! anyone know where THAT is???? Pam is just fine. She is neither dead OR forgotten....seems that after ALL these years she is STILL very admired...and good for her.Jealous half brothers should never vent their grudges in public like ALWAYS come back to bite them! This was a nasty and vendictive sorry for the B.S.!

    1. I always liked Pamela. She is the most memorable lady from that part of my life.
      I would like to know that she is well and has enough to live on.
      I wish I could correspond with her somehow. If you reply to this, I'll give you my email address.
      Phil ~ Minnesota

  13. wow, as a teen i wanked to her regularly, one look and my cock went up. thankee

  14. If you counted Pammy Baby's freckles that is how many times I have jacked off looking at that lovely girls face and those beautiful tits with those incredible large pink areolas. She makes it a fun time every time!

  15. Pam would size you up look, and once in a while she'd gleam and you wete in.businedd. All.she wanted was a fun-loving, intelligent guy who loved her, but.unfortunately, guys like that are in short supply.

  16. Wonderful tits. Great quality pictures. Thanks

  17. Awesome boobs

  18. Big Jo, Big Jugs, Big Ass, Tight Pussy