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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Centrefold Venus of the Month 20: Jeanne, January 1977

Agent Triple P has had a request for a centrefold from the seventies from a magazine outside the big two.  So here, from January 1977's Oui, is Jeanne.

Oui being a clone of Penthouse it was less concerned about presenting accurate details of its centrefolds so we end up with a nonsensical story about a dancer moving from Chicago to California and then to Colorado...etc.etc etc.

One thing chimes; and that is the reference to Colorado for, despite his continental sounding name and the fact that Oui used many European photographers (due to their arrangement with France's Lui magazine) the photographer was American.

Nicholas DeSciose is a successful Denver-based photographer who got his first camera, a Brownie Hawkeye, at the age of eight.  He took some well known pictures of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and others in the sixties.

DeSciose in the studio thirty years ago

Today he runs a studio in Denver and is a very active photographer working in sports, commercial, editorial, fashion and art photography.

These days apart from his photography he  is also a film cameraman and director and, as such, has won three Emmy awards.

DeSciose was also, from a young age, a nude art model so maybe had rather more in common with his subjects than some photographers. 

Playboy Playmate Moniqe St Pierre poses for DeSciose for Lange ski boots in 1980

Apart from his work in Oui he also shot one Playboy centrefold, Denise McConnell (March 1979).

Oui had always been conceived as a racier version of Playboy and so was able to continue with pussy shots when Playboy's advertisers were asking them to  reverse their earlier explicitness.

DeSciose has gone for a very grainy look and murky lighting for his pictures of Jeanne  which give them a nicely voyeuristic and reportage look rather than the polished perfection seen in Playboy at the time.

Given that it was the mid seventies there was the requirement for the inevitable faux masturbation shots.

DeSciose handles the issue with a series of four shots featuring Jeanne and a telephone.

Without being explicit he manages a sensual quartet of pictures as Jeanne, perhaps, prepares for an erotic phone conversation.

So we like DeSciose's approach to the lovely Jeanne.  It just demonstrates that in the seventies there were some top photographers experimenting with all sorts of approaches to photographing women for mens magazines.  Today, sadly, the over-lit, over Photoshopped, digitally originated pictures of silicone enhanced women who have not a trace of body hair are uniformly dull in comparison.


  1. Hello, I love your blog! I've especially enjoyed your series on The Pubic Wars from the 1970s. I definitely would love to read more!

    This may be the wrong place to post this, but I couldn't find another way to contact you. I've been trying to find a 70s PH pictorial that I remember from my youth, but I've been wholly unsuccessful. I've searched for hours through Google and Google Images, as well as read every single PH table of contents of that decade - and nothing. I did find your blog, though, so that's a plus!

    It was a pictorial of a southern woman who, if I remember correctly, had no tan at all - I remember her being almost pasty white. I think they called her a "Southern Belle." There was one weird picture of her on all fours on a bed with a live duck or a goose just sitting on the bed with her.

    Does this ring a bell? Thank you in advance for your help. This has been driving me nuts!

  2. Well, if it was indeed a PH pictorial I have probably got it somewhere but it doesn't ring a bell...

  3. Thanks, Agent Triple P. If you ever come across it, let me know, please. The only other magazine it could possibly be from is Oui, but I really don't think so. There's a used book store in town with a ton of old Penthouses and I think I'll just go there and start looking through them one by one. Kinda silly, but it's almost an obsession by now - nobody can remember this pictorial.

  4. Agent Triple P:

    I have been visiting your site for a while now and it brings back memories.

    Images of beautiful women, nude or nearly so, were difficult to come by back in the 1970's (particularly since I was a kid then). I remember catching glimpses from newsstands; to be age seven again!

    Have you covered, or do you plan to cover, the 'Class Reunion' pictorial from the February 1977 issue of Penthouse (US edition)?

    I found a copy about 20 years ago, still have it, and it is AWESOME.
    Look it up you will know what I mean!

    All the best,


  5. StrummerFan, you've got me obsessed about the girl and her duck now. I have started to look through my back numbers.

    moneybagzz, I will be covering all the couples and girl/girl sets from the seventies over on my Seduction of Venus blog. Class reunion was a soft focus epic by Ken Marcus where each frame looked like an impressionist painting.

  6. Agent Triple P, I really appreciate the help. Not to get too personal, but if it will help you out, here are some more details. I remember the pictorial from a magazine my dad had when I was growing up. He had two Playboys (which I have since inherited) and I believe only one issue of Oui (the first issue). The remaining 12-15 magazines were all Penthouses from the 1970s. I know none were from 1980 or later and I believe most were from 1973-1978.

    Unfortunately, the Oui and the Penthouses were thrown away before I had a chance to save them. I have since bought a few of the issues I remember, but none of them contain the pictorial in question. I have searched through the tables of contents of every issue from this time period, and about two pictorial titles sounded like winners. I bought one of these issues and checked out another at that used book store, but neither one was the right one. At this point, I'm convinced that the pictorial title was the woman's name.

    If any of this helps you out, great. I plan on making a trip to that book store again this weekend and looking at their Penthouses from that decade one by one. If you are successful in locating the issue in question before then, please let me know! Sorry I've passed my obsession on to you!

  7. One more update - maybe the last for a while. I was able to go through every Penthouse from January 1973 to January 1979 (except for February and April 1976) and did not find the pictorial in question. As for the two magazines I didn't have the chance to go through, I was able to view each of the pictorials on the Internet, so I can safely say that it isn't in either one of those either.

    So, unless it was in an old issue of Oui, I now have no idea where this pictorial was published. I know I saw it somewhere around that time, but I guess it wasn't in Penthouse. If you ever find it, please let me know. Until then, I'll continue reading your blog(s) - keep up the great work!

  8. I have a couple of dozen Ouis from the 70s. I'll have a look!

  9. I was delighted with your story featuring my photography as well as me personally in your January 29, 2011 blog. I had more than 20 published features in OUI and several hundred assignments for PLAYBOY. I continue to photograph women as beautifully and erotic as possible.

    I placed over 1000 magazines containing my nude photography with a dealer in Denver, Colorado,, 303 388-6611.

  10. Hi Agent Triple P - I appreciate the continued use of my sensuous photography in your blog. This time of my life was completely consumed with the photography of beautiful nude women. At first I was contributing to more than half a dozen publications. But after the first year I became completely ensnared by the Playboy organization, working for Oui and Playboy and ultimately seven years exclusively for Playboy. If there is a way to send you a photograph, I have recently come across one that I suspect you might find amusing. But we cannot figure out a way to send it to you through your blog. The young lady typing this is usually very smart about figuring these things out.

  11. Thanks for your comments:

    I am sending an email to the contact address on your website.

  12. Hi Agent triple P. I was wondering if you have a 70's Penthouse pictorial called "Sitting Pretty"? I don't know what issue this is from. Thanks.

    1. I have a complete index of US Penthouse pictorials from 1969 until 1995 and there is not one listed called "sitting pretty".

      Are you sure it was Penthouse? Do you remember what the contents were?

  13. I remember that there was indeed a Penthouse pictorial called Southern Belle, but can't remember which issue or even which year, but guess it must have been mid to late 70s. I'm wondering if it might have been the pretty young lady on the front cover of this one: Even if it wasn't her, do you have this magazine ATP? It would be great to see her pictures again! Thanks very much.

  14. I can't fine a pictorial called Southern Belle in my Penthouse index which is complete (for US editions). The UK editions were sometimes different and the one you reference here is one of those. Pet of the Month and cover girl was Rosemary Hamilton who didn't appear in the US version. I do have that issue and, in fact have already scanned them for another project so I will try to get them up in the next few days.