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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Centrefold Venus of the Month 19: Lynn Partington, December 1971

We have seen a few pictures of our December (we've nearly caught up) centrefold Lynn Partington on one of our early posts on the Pubic Wars but here is her whole pictorial from December 1971's Penthouse.

Lynn's cover picture features the first bare bottom to appear on the cover of Penthouse.

Berine Cornfeld knows that money can buy anything, however ugly you are!

Her pictorial was shot by Bob Guccione himself at financier Bernie Cornfeld’s 12th century French Chateau.

Cornfeld was a friend of both Bob Guccione and Playboy’s Hugh Hefner. The only time the two met was at one of Cornfeld’s Hollywood parties. Guccione was polite to Hefner who, in return, snubbed him completely. They never spoke again.

There are some typical Guccione touches in her pictorial including out of focus foreground elements; taken to extremes here.
Considering Guccione always wanted his girls to appear as if they were unaware of a hidden voyeuristic viewer spying on them, there is an unusual amount of eye contact with the camera in this pictorial.

It's also nice to see a smile even if Lynn has to compete with another Guccione trademark; a big flower!


According to the accompanying text, Lynn was 5'5" tall, measured 35-21-35 and came from Sale in Cheshire.  Whether any of that is accurate is unknown, of course.  What we do know about her was that before she posed for Penthouse she was actually a bunny girl in the London Playboy Club something the text, of course, fails to mention.

Lynn was in a TV studio in 1968 when she met cheesy Radio 1 disc jockey Tony Blackburn, who had been filming his show Time for Blackburn in Southern TVs studios in Southampton.  Overwhelmed by her leggy loveliness he offered her a lift back to London in his brand new E-Type Jaguar.  They stayed together for two years.

Lynn with Tony Blackburn

They broke up shortly after she moved in with him.  He had to get up early to present his morning radio show and she was out until the small hours in nightclubs.  One day he had gone down to the West Country to do a personal appearance and when he returned she had gone for good.  She didn't telephone or leave a note; just left her bunny ears and tail on the bed!  She later went out with singer Jack Jones and now lives in America.

At this point Penthouse and Playboy were in the early stages of what would become the Pubic Wars.  Lynn's pictorial included six pictures where she was flashing her fur; a record for both magazines.

Lynn's loveliness is such that she can even hold your attention when having to compete with two out of focus flowers in the foreground which make it look like she is having giant truffles thrown at her.

This is Triple P's favourite picture from the shoot and not just because he has always wanted to live somewhere with a spiral staircase in it.  Lynn looks moodily magnificent; looking defiantly high maintenance and difficult to please.  A challenge, certainly!

This picture is also remarkable as in it Lynn shows a glimpse of her outer labia; another first for Penthouse. This area had been absolutely taboo for men's magazines and any hint of labia were airbrushed out. It wouldn't be until 1973 that other examples of a model's bits would appear.

In 1972 Lynn appeared in this advertisement for Akai's groundbreaking video recorder.  If you shelled out $1,295 for it they threw in a film session with a Penthouse Pet!  Bargain!  Although it should be borne in mind that a brand new Ford Pinto only cost $2,078!  I wonder if Lynn ever had to do a filming session?

In 1973 Lynn was up for Pet of the Year with four other girls (Patricia Barret (top left on the cover above) won eventually, although she wouldn't have been Triple P's choice.  Lynn's picture on the cover (bottom centre) was also a barrier-breaker as you could just glimpse a little corner of her pubic hair on it; the first time this had appeared on a nationally distributed magazine in the US.

Inside there were two additional pictures of Lynn.  The first of these was a nice portrait of her smiling from the same window she had hung her bottom out of for her original cover shot.

The second shot was this bold legs apart shot which is the full version of the cropped picture on the cover.  What a fantastic creature!

Finally, we have some unpublished shots from the shoot starting with the full, uncropped version of her centrefold.

Next we have some black and white clothed shots of her taken both outside and inside Cornfeld's castle.

Lynn is seen posing on the battlements of the castle.  Cornfeld bought the Château de Pelly in Desingy in Haut-Savoie, France in 1964 and set about restoring the crumbling castle at a cost of about $1 million.  He used to commute there by helicopter from Geneva airport after a short ride from his International Overseas Services company's HQ in the Swiss city.

In Spring 1979 Richie Blackmore's Rainbow recorded their album, Down to Earth, which included their big hit Since You Been Gone, at the Chateau.

Château de Pelly today

Today, for 68 Euros a night you can rent a 2 bedroom apartment in the castle if you want to take a leggy lovely somewhere to recreate the early seventies.  We are quite tempted!

Guccione loved his mirror shots and here Lynn reflects in another mirror inside the Château.

At this point Guccione was getting his models to gently stroke their pubic hair and Lynn is no exception as she struggles against the out of focus foreground flowers in a typically voyeuristic shot.

A different window but the same carnations in the foreground.  Guccione really loved carnations!

More naturally lit pussy tickling going on here.

There were a couple of pictures in the magazine pictorial of Lynn next to this bath and here is another.

Here is Lynn in a giant bed, in the only shot of its kind from the shoot.  It's nice to see her smiling again.

Although it has to be said that she does sultry very well indeed.  This is a splendid shot!

Finally, another version of the legs apart pose seen in the June 1973 Pet of the Year play-off issue.  Such a racy pose would not have been possible when her pictorial first came out, in December 1971.


  1. A stunning entry among so many on this absolutely fantastic blog! Your words are appreciated as much as the pictures. Thank you for the great effort you put into your site!

  2. What a beautiful girl Lynn is! The last pic of her is the best of all since it gives us a great look at her monkey!

  3. What does Lynn look like today? She is so beautiful in these pics! Wouldn't we all like to be right there with her kissing and cozying up to her! Yeaaa Lynn!

  4. This mag was the first I ever bought at age 18 just after I started work. I was attracted by the Lynn Partington pictures... look at her thick hair! This being a Christmas issue, it also included pullout calendar photo I remember in particular was a very dusky brunette.... Wish I could see it again..those copies on sale do not seem to have the pullout

  5. Likewise, first mag I bought as a student, that showed pussy hair! I jerked a fair few out on the strength of that picture of Lynn on the stairs!