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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Venus Revealed: The Pubic Wars 7-1975 part 1

It would be the rather sinister Playboy rabbit's penultimate outing on the cover

Here is a significantly expanded version of the Pubic Wars post covering the first half of 1975.  We will also be updating the others from this period.

1975 would be the last official year of the Pubic Wars between Penthouse and Playboy although, as we shall see, the battle actually dragged on for several more years. Playboy had not used the gallery style review for January 1974's issue but it was back in 1975 with a lot of fur (not just rabbit fur) on the cover.

I've got all this and you haven't! Hefner shows off. Tony Curtis looks on in admiration

Playboy started the year quietly, with the January issue using much of its pictorial pages for a breathless 14 page photo essay on Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion West in Los Angeles. By this time he had virtually given up on his original mansion in chilly Chicago, preferring the all round sun and Hollywood lifestyle of Los Angeles. The article gave the impression of a sybaritic life of excess, naked women, group sex and film stars. Which is exactly what it was like.

Playmate of the Month Lynnda Kimball gave us this sensual pose in her centrefold pictorial. Her carefully placed hand just draws attention to her hidden groin. Lynnda, obviously the daughter of illiterate parents, had been working as a part time photo stylist at the Playboy studio, seeking out interesting props and costumes.

Playboy also had photographs of 40 year old French actress (she had just announced her retirement) Brigitte Bardot who posed naked for her 25 year old boyfriend, Laurent Verges, near to her St Tropez villa.

Bardot with Laurent Verges

Some years ago, Triple P was getting out of a yacht into a dinghy right outside her villa and dropped his Ray Bans into the sea.  Even though the only evidence of her presence was the barking dogs in her kennels we still felt excited to be (possibly) so close to such a legendary figure!

These pictures appeared in many men's magazines at the time and one of them had already appeared on the cover of Playboy Italia the previous September.

The annual Playmate review had Miss September 1974, Kristine Hansen, with her thighs slightly apart and displaying a hint of her labia, nestled in her golden curls.

Gallery had originally began as an almost exact copy of Playboy.  It would have been expected, therefore, that they would have copied Playboy as regards the explicitness of their visual approach.  Their January cover, however, showed that they were starting to move more in the Penthouse direction with bare nipples and parted thighs.  A trend that would continue during the year.

Cavalier had not yet gone all the way with bare breasts on the cover but their teasing January girl showed more than any of their previous cover models.  The smaller picture on the cover, where they had had a few nipple displaying shots in the past, had a lady assertively presenting herself.

Cavalier also followed Playboy in giving their girls' pictorials names rather than just using the name of the girl.  So we know that his first pictorial was called Beetle Nut but we don't know why and we don't know her name.  Whatever, she was a very busty girl although, oddly, this shot was printed in this vertical orientation when it is obvious that it was taken in a horizontal orientation.

Even more oddly, they did it again with this shot of cover girl Lisa.  This is how the picture appeared in the magazine, seemingly giving Lisa gravity defying breasts.  One of the new pussy conscious pictures for the usually reserved Cavalier.

More Playboy-style big bust for Melinda Douglas and more Playboy style rambling on about how she was a nature lover who loved to walk barefoot in the woods.  Right.

Cavalier was still running some black and white pictorials and from one in this issue comes this lovely, furry display.

Hustler, meanwhile was going for a subtle Penthouse type approach for its January cover, although 1975 would see it move away from copying Guccione's magazine to something raunchier and more distinctive.

Penthouse was also less assertive than it had been with its Pet for January, Juliet Morris, who was also showing less than some of the previous year's bolder cover Pets.

Likewise, Jennifer Welch also eschewed any hints of labia in her pictorial, despite a crotch focussed shot like this one.

Nonetheless, there was this large pussy touching picture spread across two pages for Pet of the Month  Juliet and the slightly more explicit one below where Miss Morris' labia are just about visible.

The UK edition, which had been censoring or omitting the more extreme beaver shots did show those where Juliet was (just about) flashing her bits.  Increasingly, however, they were using different Pets from the US edition.

The January UK edition, for example, had a Pet who never appeared in the US edition, Joanna Steele, who didn't flash her bits but is notable for giving Penthouse its very first knickers-up-the-crack photo.

The final pictorial in the US edition for January featured Annette Kirkwood, supposedly from Bristol in England as photographed by Hans Larsson.  It is like going back to 1972 for Penthouse with this shot with its concealing, out of focus flowers in the foreground

Oui carried on with it's habit of using former Playboy Playmates on the cover.  For January we get May 1967's Anne Randall in a see-through dress.  She was thirty years old when this photograph was taken by Dwight Hooker.

Oui featured another celebrity couple in the forms of I Spy actor Robert Culp and his lissome wife Susan.  Unlike Jean-Claude Killy, the previous year, however, Culp bravely flashed his penis in his pictorial.

An article on aphrodisiacs had another photograph where the male model was showing his penis but this was an even clearer shot than Mr Culp's example.  Even more racily, the lady has her leg actually pressed against the man's prick.  All these male members continued to be controversial with the readers, however.

The thrust (so to speak) of most of the objections being that looking at penises was gay or might make them gay.  They would, no doubt, have been much happier with the gentle pussy caressing of that month's centrefold, Alicia.  She looked nicely abandoned with her dishevelled stockings and relaxed looking pose.  Such explicit pussy touching was new for Oui.

Playboy's February Playmate of the Month Laura Misch was slightly popping out of her top in this cover shot by  Richard Fegley.

Bold stuff for Playboy

Playboy ran a pictorial on Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace in the slot usually reserved for a Hollywood starlet. The fact that she was well known enough to merit a feature demonstrated how America's  (or at least a significant minority of the population) attitude to hard core pornography had changed.  A change that was one of the driving forces of the Pubic Wars.

Indeed, Genesis had put another porn superstar, Marilyn Chambers, on the cover in January along with a feature covering other hard core stars of the moment.  This shot of Chambers, from her pictorial inside, also has her hand comfortably close to her groin.

Laura Misch looks all innocent

Playboy's centrefold, Laura Misch, modelled a fetching, not quite see through, outfit. This ploy would become increasingly popular with Playboy over the years as they wanted to get their girls to sprawl about invitingly with their legs apart without actually getting them to show too much. Laura later went on to work in newspapers and have a novel, Carry me Back, published (as Laura Watt) in 1997.

Everybody ought to have a maid

Elsewhere in the magazine, Playboy ran another of their increasingly frequent couples pictorials as part of their competitive "sexing up" policy. Penthouse had first run a pictorial like this at the end of 1972 and again the following year but Playboy was now following suit, along the lines of those in Oui.  The Playboy pictorial, photographed by Richard Fegley, was called The French Maid and was about...a French maid. It was all very tasteful but was very much like a Penthouse couples pictorial.

Penthouse went one better that month by having a pictorial featuring two girls and a man. Their feature Three in Love was altogether racier and featured glimpses of something Playboy hadn't dared show in its pictorials so far, a penis and some strong implied fellatio.

Penthouse's centrefold for February was a rare, for them, ethnic Pet: the part Filipina, Lona Simpson.  Penthouse actually published a letter, a couple of months later, asking why they didn't have more ethnic Pets.  They didn't give an answer.

The beautiful Lona appeared in several shots where she was displaying her labia.  In this one her pussy has been illuminated to draw special attention to it, whilst her face remains in shadow.

Lona rides astride

Her pose astride a chair was, when shown the following month in Britain, the first time the UK edition had shown a Pet's labia, without censoring the picture, as they had been doing up until this point.

Pamela in the grass

The third pictorial in the February issue of Penthouse featured a young lady named Pamela Martin whose clitoral hood was clearly visible in one picture.  Penthouse started to publish appreciative letters from readers supporting their depiction of the girls' labia.  Interestingly one or two started to come in asking for anuses as well.  Whether these were real letters or were written by the editorial team to support the direction the magazine was taking in the Pubic Wars is not known.

Club's first issue, February 1975

February saw a new entrant into the men's magazine market in the US and a new participant in the Pubic Wars.  British  publisher Paul Raymond launched Club in the US in February 1975.  Like Larry Flynt he had originally started out in strip shows or, as he had to originally, shows featuring nude but immobile ladies; as it was only legal to have naked ladies on stage in the UK provided they didn't move!  To make these tableaux more interesting he often winched the ladies across the stage using a variety of devices to make them "move"!  Club announced itself in the US with an assertive cover that owed nothing to the soft focus, dreamy lyricism of Penthouse and its imitators.

Paul Raymond in the Revuebar, 1972

Raymond later discovered a loophole to this bizarre law in that it did not apply to private clubs, so he launched the Raymond Revuebar in London in 1958.  He copied the Playboy Bunny uniforms, much to Hugh Hefner's annoyance. 

Raymond and his bunny girls check out his new magazine in 1964

Using the profits from his clubs he started his own men's magazine, King, in 1964, although it was not a success and he eventually sold it again to a celebrity consortium that included actor Peter Sellers, film director Brian Forbes and TV star David Frost.  Eventually King was bought by Raymond's arch rival, Mayfair magazine, which Raymond later, in turn, acquired.

Paul Raymond's first Men Only, June 1971

It wasn't until 1971 that he tried again in the magazine market. He bought the venerable pre-war publication Men Only but upped the girl content and colour pages considerably.  Appearing in June 1971, just a few months after Penthouse had gone pubic with a couple of pictures of Stephanie McLean, Raymond put down a marker by having a dozen pubic pictures in his first issue.  Penthouse would gingerly move forward with only four or five for the rest of the year.

The first issue of Club International in the UK

The following year, in September 1972, Raymond launched a brand new magazine, Club International, in the UK. This would follow Club into the US market as well, in December 1976. Confusingly, Club in the US used material from Men Only (due to copyright reasons they couldn't use the latter name in the US) in the UK whereas Club International used material from, er, Club International. So, like Bob Guccione before him, Raymond had plenty of material already for his new American magazine. Before long Club and Club International would move into fourth and fifth spots behind Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler, circulation wise. They had many more girl pictorials, however, and much less literary pretensions than Penthouse and Playboy. 

The very first girl to appear in Club in the US was Beth photographed by Eugene Finkei. Unlike the cover shot, she was very much presented in diffuse Penthouse style and showing a hint of her creases. 

The first issue of Club included a 1975 calendar, using shots from previous Men Only magazines,where some of the photos were rather assertive and very nearly quite revealing.  Miss October is Terry, who will appear in a  full pictorial in the April issue.

There next pictorial had Sasha, photographed by Fred Enke, in and around an old lighthouse.  A phallic symbol, surely not?  Club had yet to start revealing its girl's labia. something Enke would become well known for but this shot, at least, draws attention to Sasha's groin

That said, centrefold Polly, shot by that other Paul Raymond star photographer of the time, Amnon Bar-Tur, is showing some slight glimpses of her folds.

Karen appeared in a short pictorial shot on the beach by Christer Flodqvist where she showed her rather sparse growth. 

The final pictorial of Club's first issue featured Rae, again photographed by Amnon Bar-Tur.  Rae is, of course, a nineteen year old Ava Cadell.  She had appeared in her first film role in the British sex-comedy Confessions of  Window Cleaner (1974) the previous year.  

Game was a minor magazine that also took a lot of its content from the UK and was published in both countries for a time.  Here their February cover girl has her hand in her groin.

February's Oui featured future Dallas star, Deborah Shelton, in a boudoir style Penthouse-like cover shot.

February's couples pictorial in Oui was less about trying to build an atmosphere of authentic passion and was more of a "comedy" approach; never a successful combination, although it wouldn't stop Oui persisting with this approach for a number of years.

For the centrefold girl Oui experimented by including two very small groin revealing shots but they were nowhere near as racy as what Penthouse was doing.

Finally, Oui seemed to be jumping on the Penthouse-led self-caressing bandwagon with this picture of Vanessa from the last pictorial in that issue.

The seventh issue of Larry Flynt's Hustler showed the magazine consolidating its style, having originally looked like a cheap rip off of Penthouse.  The future of the magazine was still hanging in the balance, though, as the money just wasn't coming in fast enough.

The girls, many of whom were dancers from Flynt's strip clubs, weren't as attractive as those from the other major magazines and he certainly paid a lot less than the other magazines.  What his girls had that most of the others didn't quite yet was the willingness to pose with their legs open, as with Gypsy, here.

There were no more modest pictorials, as most of the others would run for the next few years.  If you posed for Hustler you had to be prepared to get your bits out as Candy does here.

Hustler Honey Marcia had to do more than that, as in her centrefold she became the first girl in any mainstream magazine who actually looked moist as well.

The next pictorial is a rather disturbing one, as the text speaks of the " fantasy" of every man to take a girlish virginal lover.  They use a model with no pubic hair (very unusual in those days, of course) and small breasts.  There is no suggestion that the model is under age (which would be 18 in America at the time - the UK could still print pictures of 16 year olds) but the whole thing of having her pose with a much older man is pretty disturbing, especially in a magazine that in later years would come down very heavily against this sort of thing.

An almost Mayfair style piece on the Morgan motor company was illustrated with pictures of this pussy flashing popsy for no discernible reason. Hustler's budget probably didn't run to actually getting the girl to pose with a real car so they just used stock photos of the car interspersed with shots of the girl.

March's Playboy had a clever cover of Eva Maria, photographed by Pompeo Posar, which trailed a pictorial inside called Ripped-Off which got seven photographers to handle this particular theme.

This effort, by Garrick Peterson, had more passion than most of Playboy's couples material and also featured a rarity for them, male pubic hair. 

Playboy was definitely upping its sensuality in response to Penthouse's blatantly more sexual approach and even an article on gym equipment had them including a number of sexy shots alongside the details of stockists.  This shot of a pectoral exerciser includes not just two ladies getting close but a black and a white girl.  Still very daring for 1975.

Canadian born Hollywood actress Margot Kidder only agreed to pose for Playboy if she could write her own text to accompany her pictorial by Douglas Kirkland.

Kirkland's pictures were all printed in grainy black and white but here is a colour outtake of Miss Kidder.

Norwegian Playmate of the Month Ingeborg Sorensen had a couple of sensual bath shots by Mario Casilli.  She had been modelling in the US for a number of years and went on to have a few bit parts in films, including Kramer v Kramer (1979)

She had been Miss Norway in 1972 and came second in the Miss World competition that year.  The same year she toured US military bases, including Vietnam, with Bob Hope.

Sorensen at 70.  Still attractive

In 2012 she served 21 days in prison for social security fraud. She claimed she had done nothing wrong but was making disability claims while being paid a fee by a diet company.  She did not declare this income which would have effected the size of her payouts.

March's cover featured Pet Susan Ryder who, after a wash of soft focus pictures earlier in her pictorial, came into clear focus for a full page picture where, coolly gazing at the lens she clearly reveals everything for the first time in Penthouse. (For more of Susan see her full pictorial here)

Susan displays all

Larry Flynt reacted to Susan's pussy picture in his editorial in the May issue of Hustler.  "If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, I definitely feel flattered after reviewing the March issue of Penthouse. The open beaver shot on page 77 (the one of Susan above) is the first admission by Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione that Penthouse has been playing second fiddle to HUSTLER for quite some time. When I started HUSTLER one year ago, I expected a reaction from Guccione long before now. Especially when you consider the fact that he has never had an original idea of his own. However, I commend Mr. Guccione for his decisive action, at least it indicates that he has balls, but it is going to take more than balls to keep up with HUSTLER. He will need a few brains as well, an asset that he has failed to demonstrate very well." 

Earlier, in Penthouse's March issue they had this shot of Swedish model Birgit Sandstrom astride a motorcycle, also giving the readers a flash.  The photographer was Oscar Abolafia from New York who was a well known portrait and celebrity photographer; shooting The Beatles, Elvis and Jimi Hendrix amongst many others. He worked for 35 years for Time, People and Look magazines.  This was his only Penthouse pictorial, though.

Rite of Spring from March 1975

Meanwhile, back in the March issue of Penthouse also had another of its pictorials featuring two girls; something they had first done back in 1970 with the unimaginatively titled Two Women. Photographed by Earl Miller in Penthouse's dreamy, super soft focus style the pictures were romantic rather than particularly sexual.  Penthouse was being much less visually explicit with its two girl sets than with its Pets and models, obviously thinking that the concept of portraying two women together was naughty enough of itself, without having to show their bits.  You can see the full pictorial here.

March's Oui had a rather curious pictorial with accompaning text written in the style of Winnie the Pooh.  We're surprised they weren't sued by the estate of AA Milne.  This opening page shows the girl with her dolly but in complete contrast to this child like scene she is displaying the first really clear labia in Oui.

It was still about posing ecstatically whilst appearing to pleasure yourself for Oui's models as well, as demonstrated by Vicky.

Streubel on a chair in 1975

The final girl in that month's issue was Brigitte Streubel, who gave us this potently erotic pose.  Streubel is a German model (from 1969 until 1976), poet and latterly actress, film camera operator and yoga teacher.  She is part of The Harem a sort of arty/philosophical commune of five women and one man (!) who live in Munich.

Streubel on a chair today

After their not very sophisticated premiere issue cover picture in February, Club had a rather more stylish cover, albeit featuring a completely naked girl.

It is easy to see why Club rapidly shot up the list of best selling men's magazines in the US, as they had no less than seven full pictorials this month. First off was Saffron by Eugene Finkei, in soft focus mode but also incorporating Penthouse style abandoned sprawling.

Fred Enke would become a Paul Raymond stalwart, until his untimely death, and he was at the forefront of the spread legged shots but at this early stage in Club's history Elise still had to cover her bits with a pair of knickers.

With Jo-Anne, Amnon Bar-Tur is copying the Penthouse style so slavishly that he even has out of focus carnations in the foreground.

One of the defining characteristics of Club would be its focus on women's bottoms and here Soraya has hers captured by Fred Enke.

More feigned ecstasy for one of only two blondes (not a real one, though!) in the issue as Amnon Bar-Tur gets Denise to bend over backwards for him.  Unlike Penthouse and Oui, who would get their photographers to use an alias if they had more than one pictorial in an issue, Paul Raymond didn't mind if a couple of photographers produced most of the content.

Here, however we have a different photographer, with  Roland Carré capturing Crystal.  Carré was a French photographer who had been shooting nudes since the fifties and he worked with Serge Jacques in the  fifties and sixties on Paris-Hollywood and they collaborated on a number of books together.

Finally in this issue we had Fred Enke again with Jenny, making it three ethnic models in the magazine; something you certainly wouldn't see in Penthouse and something that would not be that common in Playboy either, with its quota system.

By March Game was getting  a model to show her bits for the first time, although this was still unusual.

April saw Cavalier join the ranks of magazines bold enough to get their cover girls to flash their nipples on the newsstands (although some were now insisting on covers or wrapping for the increasingly explicit examples).

Penthouse was equally upfront that month with Judy Clayton displaying her nipples for their first topless cover of the year (by Jeff Dunas) and the most brazen they had ever done. No concealing strands of hair, profile views or partly clothed breasts here.

Pia Sorensen had been the UK edition of Penthouse's Pet of the Month in May 1974 but didn't appear as such in the US edition  A typically ecstatic looking pose from Penthouse.

Signe grabs it

Pet of the Month Signe Berger was photographed by Earl Miller in Penthouse's raunchiest faux masturbation shot so far; clutching her groin in ecstasy. Signe would later go on to be one of the Penthouse Pets Bob Guccione took to Rome at the end of 1976 to shoot the additional hardcore footage he felt the film needed. 

Signe is on the left with Penthouse model Henrietta Kellog (who appeared in the magazine as Rhiana Post in August 1976)

During her short time in Rome she had an affair with Guccione's assistant.  She is visible in the Imperial bordello orgy scene indulging in some graphic fellatio.

Twenty year old cover girl Judy Clayton had a number of pussy touching pictures in her pictorial by Jeff Dunas.

The increasing use of the implied masturbation shot wasn't just confined to the likes of Penthouse and Hustler however.  Gallery had always firmly modelled itself on Playboy, with an equivalent level of explicitness.  Just as Playboy was starting to get more explicit in its war with Penthouse, however, so Gallery had to up the stakes as well.

Their young lady from the April edition, Alix, is photographed in arched-backed ecstasy by Fred Enke, who would also lens some of the most explicit shots for Paul Raymond's magazines in the UK,  which would then also appear in his US publications.

Elsewhere in the magazine Jerry Wainwright presented a largely black and white pictorial in Victorian/Edwardian style, although it is hard to work out which due to clothing inconsistencies.  These stockings are certainly not in period style for example!

Fred Enke's opening shot of Elena was a bold faux masturbation shot for Gallery at this time as they gradually edged further forward than Playboy had.

The opening page of Betsy Starr's pictorial had twelve shots by Nippy Phillips. Phillips acted as stills photographer on a number of films at this time.   In half of his shots Betsy has her hand on her pubic mound.  Pussy stroking had well and truly arrived at Gallery.

As well as Gallery that month Enke had several pictorials appearing in the third issue of Club to hit the newsstands, in April.

His photos of the beautiful Chris contain some hints of labia and she, like Flora (below), who he also photographed for this issue, also appeared in a see-through leotard.   In fact the two leotards look identical so they could have been the same one!

The see-through outfit gave an extra tease factor to Flora's effective self-caressing pictures in that issue.

Another Paul Raymond publications favourite photographer Amnon Bar-Tur hadn't yet developed his genitally focussed style but Claire does present an outstanding pair of nipples in this mirror shot.

This delightfully fluffy study by Carlos Sylvester is of Terry who had appeared in the calendar given away in the first issue in February. Pictures from this session had appeared in the October 1973 issue of Italian Playboy clone, Playmen where she was the centrefold.  In the UK they had even appeared before this in the August 1973 issue of Club International.  Terry is, in fact, British born actress Teresa Ann Savoy who appeared in Salon Kitty (1976), Caligula (1979) and Private Lives, Public Virtues (1976).  She would have been just seventeen when these pictures were taken.  We are working on a post on her at present.

Vanessa, shot by Clive McLean gives more than a hint of her bits in this picture.  This was Club's first real pussy shot.  What a splendid waist to hip ratio on this girl!

Club also featured a boy'girl pictorial called, well, Boys and Girls together by Amnon Bar-Tur, which had rather more passion than the Penthouse equivalents of the time.  This pussy caressing shot is stronger than anything Guccione's magazine had shown to date and there were also some unequivocal sex positions included.  Penthouse and Playboy had shown caressing but not actual copulatory poses.

Playboy's March 1973 Playmate Cyndi Wood kept her top on the cover but her suggestive pose with a bottle of Champagne showed that Playboy hadn't given up the battle yet.

Playboy's first pictorial for April featured Donyale Luna (born Peggy Ann Freeman in Detroit) who would become the first black model to appear on the cover of Vogue in 1966.  Something of an eccentric, she was romantically involved with actors Maximillian Schell and Klaus Kinski but her heavy drug use interfered with her work in the seventies and she died of an accidental heroin overdose in 1979 at the age of 33.

Actress Valerie Perrine didn't get as naked as Margot Kidder had in her pictorial the previous month but she looked very fine as a showgirl.

Playmate of the Month, Victoria Cunningham, did not go in for the overtly sensual poses of some of her fellows but her statuesque body told its own story.  She'd appear in a number of other Playboy pictorials in the next few years but was one of the less visible Playmates of the time.  She had been a Bunny girl in Los Angeles and on board Hugh Hefner's DC 9.  She had a small part in a film, Play Nice, but not until 1992

From Bed and Board. Picture by Ken Marcus

Finally, there was a pictorial on sexy food, including this couple being naughty with grapes and oysters.

The gorgeous but ultimately tragic figure of Carole Augustine graced the cover of April's Oui although she didn't appear inside the magazine, which was an annoying habit of Oui's.

Michael and Karen get friendly

Another real-life couple featured in that month's boy/girl set,  although we have to confess that we had not heard of the actor Michael Callan.  Subsequent research, however, has shown that he appeared in one of Triple P's favourite Ray Harryhausen films, Mysterious Island (1961), with the lovely Beth Rogan

Michael Callan and Beth Rogan in Mysterious Island

He was also in Cat Ballou (1965).  Starting as a Broadway dancer/actor he was in the original run of West Side Story but missed out on the movie due to contractual problems.  He was forty at the time of this pictorial and the lady who was described in the text as his "friend Karen" was a minor actress called Karen Malouf who he eventually married (she was his third wife).  She looks  a lot younger than he does.  He flashes his cock even more than Robert Culp did, which won't have gone down well with some of the readers!

That month's centrefold, Elena, is shown touching herself as Oui starts to copy the Penthouse faux masturbation trend in earnest.

Hustler's covers continued to look like Penthouse's even down to their models holding random foliage.  Here we have that month's Hustler Honey, Lolita.

Inside Lolita flashes her bits just as much as the girls in Penthouse but even Guccione hadn't gone this far in revealing a hint of one of his girl's anus.

Hustler had also started to follow the trend of having their models caress themselves too but this would not be such a fixation as it would be for Penthouse in the seventies.

The following month Penthouse would get one if its male models to flash his penis for the first time but Hustler beat them to this landmark in their couples pictorial Karen and Ken, which had no less than four penis shots.

Penthouse's May issue continued to gently at push the boundaries having another fully bare breasted cover.

Ava spreads

Inside, Ava Gallay, the Pet of the Month, was photographed in the, still rare, legs spread, pussy-revealing from the rear pose, in full-on soft-focus mode by Jeff Dunas.

Another boy/girl set, this time from Geoffrey Rian (an alias for Jeff Dunas which he used when he already had another pictorial in the magazine), appeared in this issue called On the Beach.  This was another first in that the girl (actually photographer Suze Randall while she was still modelling) was actually shown with her finger in contact with the man's penis. Playboy had never showed a penis in any of their couples pictorials.

Octavia indulges in some serious pussy play

The third pictorial featured a lady under the name of Octavia Corriell, whose pictorial is noteworthy for several reasons.  Firstly, she was shown in a series of photographs rolling around on a bed with her hand firmly on her pussy, in the most sustained faux masturbation shots in the magazine so far.

Photographer Gernot Plitz captures Octavia's arsehole

In addition, there was this full-page mirror shot which meant that Octavia was the first girl in Penthouse to clearly show her anus, thus satisfying a gentleman from Quebec who had written in some months earlier requesting just this.

Lori has her hair done for Caligula

Lori Wagner (left) gets a touch up on the set of Caligula whilst Anneka Di Lorenzo (who would be Pet of the Month in October 1975) looks on

Octavia's real name was Lori Wagner and she was 22 years old when these pictures were taken.  A former beauty queen she was appearing on Broadway at the time.  She left a production of Let my People Come to fly to Rome to appear in Bob Guccione's Caligula.  She was one of only three Penthouse girls to work on the whole shoot.  Although other Pets appeared, they were mainly in the extra hardcore footage Guccione shot secretly in January 1977.

Lori (right) in the Temple of Venus scene

Lori was very visible in the Temple of Venus scene enthusiatically snogging her friend Anneka Di Lorenzo, who was Pet of the Month for October 1975.  This was a scene shot by original director Tinto Brass and wasn't one of the Guccione's extra scenes.

Lori with Caligula himself

She also got some visibility sat next to star Malcolm McDowell in a banquet scene.  Her character was Aggrippina and she had been told that it would be a speaking role but gradually the role got smaller and smaller as the shoot progressed.

Lori attacks Anneka in the famous lesbian scene in Caligula

However, it was two other scenes that would gain her worldwide notoriety, to the extent that when the film was actually released and she was doing publicity for it the bad response from critics helped drive her away from the public scene for years. 

Lori's arsehole makes another appearance in Caligula

Firstly, the notorious lesbian love scene with Anneka Di Lorenzo which was one of the "extra" scenes shot by Bob Guccione.  Highly touted at the time as the most explicit lesbian love scene in a generally released motion picture it was intercut with another sex scene between Helen Mirren, Malcom McDowell and Teresa Ann Savoy. Lori is seen giving cunnilingus to Anneka, being penetrated by Anneka's fingers and indulging in a sixty nine session.

Lori sprays

The second scene features Lori and Anneka again, in a scene where Proculus is killed.  Lori stands over his body, hikes up her dress and pees all over him whilst Anneka washes the blood off her hand in Lori's stream.  They made Lori drink enormous quantities of water for this scene and then made her wait three hours before filming.  It's no wonder it is such an impressive flow, therefore!

Lori (left) with Anneka in Messalina! Messalina!

In the interim between shooting and the film's release, because of Caligula's lengthy release delay, Lori and Anneka appeared in a cheap Italian exploitation film called Messalina! Messalina! (1977) whose sole purpose was to use some of the sets and costumes from Caligula to make some money in case the main film never saw the light of day (which looked likely at one point).  Lori came back in the nineties and made some more exploitation films before retiring in 1999.

Lori in Penthouse aged 38

When Penthouse featured the Caligula lesbian love scenes pictures again in February 1991 they photographed a new pictorial of Lori, at the age of 38 but still looking sensational.

Anyway, back to May 1975 and Playboy, who featured model Carol Christie, as photographed by Stan Malinowski, on the cover.

They were also jumping on the girl/girl bandwagon and presented this page from a pictorial about tee shirts. Whilst trying to evoke a playful, girls dorm sort of feeling, the picture at the bottom of the page was easily as racy as anything Penthouse had done in this area at the time.

More couples fun in the same issue in a rather strange pictorial where a man and a woman undress each other and then put each other's clothes on.  We can't think of another Playboy pictorial where the man ends up in a dress.

That month's actress was Gwen Welles who appeared in several dozen films from 1969 until 1990, most notably in Robert Altman's Nashville (1975).  Sadly she died of cancer in 1993  at the age of  42 with her final months being the subject of a documentary film later shown at the Berlin Film Festival.

Furthermore, Playboy's Playmate that month, Bridget Rollins, presented readers with the magazine's largest split beaver picture to date, as she reclined across two pages her legs apart and not a hint of soft-focus to be seen.  

Playboy often showed their Playmates with members of their family and there were a number of Playmate sisters but still this is an unusually tactile shot of Bridget and her sister Yvonne in the bath together.

Rollins went on to appear in a number of Playboy couples pictorials including in their 1976 book Love Scenes, where she appeared in silhouette on the cover and in several pictorials inside .

Today, she runs a print business with her husband and has three children. This lovely and revealing shot by Pompeo Posar demonstrates her willowy appeal perfectly.

Oui's progression in the faux masturbation approach was moving apace with May's Judy giving them their most explicit centrefold to date.

For Club's fourth issue in the US there would be a slight jump in the number of revealing poses compared with previous issues.

Photographers love models sucking on ice lollies for some reason and here Ulla has a little lick for Fred Enke.  She shows her divided mound on a number of occasions.  

Candice, for Mike Bramman, shows even more in this rear aspect shot

Club had Fred Enke, again, getting his model, in this case a ravishing creature going under the name of Debbie (in reality she would become porn star Debbie Winters later), to flash her bits too.

The parallel evolution of the self caressing girl would also be moved along in this issue with this shot of  Arabella by Amnon Bar-Tur.

Finally, also by Amnon Bar-Tur, there would be a couples pictorial, Rae and Friend, which made the best of a teenage Ava Cadell's pliant breasts.  Male hands on pussy shots were still rare.

It wasn't just the big magazines that were pushing the envelope of explicitness.  This squirming beauty comes from the previously rather staid Adam magazine's June issue..

Modern Man's cover girl also appeared inside in a mixture of colour and black and white shots.  They called her Cassandra Lane but in fact it was an early appearance by Cassandra Petersen, later to transform herself into Goth superchick Elvira, on TV.  Her black and white masturbation shot is quite assertive.

The editions for the end of the first half of the year brought both the Playboy Playmate of the Year and the candidates for the Penthouse Pet of the Year. For Playboy, the outrageously busty Marilyn Lange appeared completely naked on the cover.

Marilyn twiddles

Inside, in a double page picture, she playfully twists her pubic hair in her fingers. Playboy had come a long way since the anxious meetings as to whether to show a hint of Liv Lindeland's curls or not four and a half years earlier.

June's Playmate, Azizi Johari, went in for some old Penthouse style bust caressing.  Still. any depiction of Playmates appreciating their own bodies was fairly new for Playboy.

Love the red boots!

An article on Sex in Cinema: French style, which looked at all the erotic films coming out from that part of Europe, gave Playboy another excuse for one of the increasingly popular girl/girl shots.

Nina Carter on the cover of June's Oui


Playboy's sister magazine Oui had been designed to be a "European style" (for which read, racier) challenger for Penthouse.  It sourced many of its pictorials from its co-parent Lui, in France with added pictorials provided by the US team.

Oui had often featured couples sets; even more so than Penthouse at this time but they were relentlessly tasteful as this example from the June issue, purporting to show a pair of flying trapeze stars, shows.  Slightly naughtier than the Playboy equivalents eagle eyed readers could just see that the gentleman trapeze artist is flashing his penis in the picture at top right.

The incomparable Nina Carter

Oui had yet to go as extreme as Penthouse on its split beaver shots but they were now occasionally letting a hint of something through, as in this photograph of the gorgeous Nina Carter (later Mrs Rick Wakeman) by John Kelly, then the husband of Vivien Neves.

One other picture from the June issue showed where Oui was going.  Every month they included a painting by French artist Aslan who had been producing a pin-up girl a month (inevitably accompanied by a pretentious quote from a French writer) for Oui's French co-parent (with Playboy) magazine Lui since the sixties.  His June girl is obviously enjoying the friction from her black knickers in the most overtly sexual of the pictures he had produced so far.

Game's June issue had more visible labia but these belonged to Cassandra Petersen/ Elvira, whose shots appeared in a number of magazines at the time.

Club's June cover girl, Zena, shot by Fred Enke continued the magazine's slow but steady liberation of the labia, with a couple of revealing pussy shots such as this bubble gum one.

A slightly different pictorial was Cleaning Up by Jay Mrydal which had a lady in an old fashioned hip bath being washed by a number of disembodied male hands.  Some of the shots were effectively tactile.

Amno Bar-Tur's Twin Set had two twins (or at least they looked like twins) being rather touchy feely with each other.  They also appeared in the centrefold shot.

The second of only two conventional single girl sets that issue had Robyn, photographed by Rupert Daines, fondling her pussy in several shots.

The final pictorial, Bliss, by Michel Moreau, featured three different girls on a tropical beach.  This was the only picture of them together.

Fred Enke wasn't just shooting for Paul Raymond publications.  Here he is supplying Gallery's June centrefold, the labia baring Jesse.  This is a pretty bold shot for Gallery at this time.

An idea of what Oui and Playboy were competing with came in the June issue of Penthouse, which still had one eye on the more explicit Hustler.  July's Pet, the far from enticingly named Wendy Blodgett, was the third in a row to go completely topless for the cover. However, unlike her rather coy predecessors Wendy looks like she is squirming in ecstasy.

Inside, in her Pet pictorial, she was shown with both her hands between her legs; one from the front, one from the rear, mirroring Octavia Cornell's small shot in the May issue, except this was a full page picture.

Another of Penthouse's increasingly regular girl/girl pictorials, the second of what would be four in 1975, depicted rather more passion than previously.  Eschewing the usual wandering hand in hands in the woods approach, these two young ladies looked like they were actually having sex with each other.  The pictorial, The Friends, culminated with this two page spread of one girl pulling the succulent looking nipple of the others into her hungry mouth.

Also, in that month's issue was the annual Pet of the Year play-off. The candidates were all presented using pictures from their original pictorials. There was one exception. Anneka de Lorenzo had this full page, explicit spread legs picture which hadn't appeared in her original pictorial back in September 1973.

However, as Penthouse continued to push the barriers there were starting to be rumblings in the Playboy camp about the competition between the magazines. This was to come to a head in the second half of the year.


  1. Thanks for this great series. It's wonderful to be reminded of all these beauties in their unshaven glory!

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  3. This was absolutely fascinating. I came upon searching Wendy Blodgett's name. You would do humanity a service if you could post her full Pet of the Month gallery. The shot of her arching her torso to use the varnished wood curved top of a high-backed dining chair to give pleasure to her splendid erect nipple is one of the seven wonders of the world. Sincerely, Anonymous from MA

  4. Club's May model Debbie, was another hard core porn actress who went by the name Victoria/Virginia Winters.

  5. Kristine Hanson, Sept. 74 playmate was a news weather-caster for a Sacramento, California news station for many years up until year 2000 or so. She aged very well.

  6. Re Susan Ryder-It was certainly not common in 1975 for women to shave or trim their pubic hair. I'm guessing the photographer or the magazine suggested it. Any clue about that?

  7. Re. Victoria/Virginia Winter. She's more popularly known as Candida Royale.

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