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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cool Venus revisted: Louann Fernald

During the hot weather (whatever happened to that in London?) at the end of June we posted a nice refreshing picture of Louann Fernald interacting with a jug of water to make us all feel cooler. What we didn't expect was that despite having only the one picture on the site she would end up as the ninth most visited item in July. Now to put this into context we had hits on 110 seperate subjects last month. Of these 61 were Penthouse or Playboy models so she is obviously popular; with only three Playmates coming in ahead of her last month.

Agent Triple P had decided, this month, to feature someone who we have mentioned in passing on the blog but who then subsequently gets a lot of visits. Given the result for last month we feel duty bound to present some more pictures of Louann getting wet.

Louann was born in Texas but raised in Florida. She was 5'4 1/2" tall and 35-23-34 when these pictures were taken in 1979. She was 22 at the time.

Lovely picture!

A nicely damp Louann leaves us with a typical late seventies naughty Playboy see-through knickers shot. It could even feature in a future episode of the Pubic Wars!


  1. I was a college freshman when Louann made an impact on my world. I remember having her centerfold pinned up on my college closet door (of course on the inside so as not to offend guests, parents, etc.) UNFORGETTABLE!

  2. Louann's enticing tan lines affected me too. I might add that Millbrook, New York's must infamous resident was Dr. Timothy Leary, who ran his so-called "League of Spiritual Discovery" in Millbrook in the mid-1960s. Robert Greenfield's recent biography of Leary details that era finely and critically. BUT, if you wanna read about the year 1985, check out my blog...

  3. We didn't mention Dr Leary as one of the famous residents of Millbrook as we have no idea who he is/was (he is not well known in Britain as far as we are aware)...

  4. I remember Louann from school. She went to Cocoa Beach High School, was Class of 1975 if memory serves. She was in summer school Algebra, when I was taking it as an rising 8th grader...I was Class of 1978. Her younger brother Alan & I were in the same grade but I remember they moved in 76 or 77. Still made quite a stir in that small town when she made playmate...lot of eyebrows raised, but all in all, it was taken well. She still looks like a million bucks. Other semi-famous people from CBHS: Cindy DeAngelis who married football standout Herschel Walker (made a BIGGER stir than LouAnn with the interracial thing), and Dexter Filkins, who is the NYTimes premier mid-east war reporter. Dex was '79, his brother Rick in my class (retired District Attorney from New York City). Good folks, all.

  5. After trying to ditch the 'Playmate' identity my entire adult life, I give up. I can no more retrieve my photos from the Internet than BP can retrieve all the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. And so I will take this opportunity to spread the word about Veganism.
    Do your part to help save the planet. GO VEGAN.
    With Love,
    Louann Fernald

  6. I remember Louann from New Smyrna Beach when I was a lifeguard for the Yolusia County Beach Patrol. Chip Clark introduced me to her. She was beautiful; but I more impressed by how absolutely brilliant she was. I figured she would become a lawyer.

    Dermott Dessert
    DeLand, FL

  7. Re: the purported Louann Fernald post from June 22, 2010 -

    Pardon my lack of sympathy, but boo-f*cking-hoo for being unable to "ditch [your] Playboy identity [your] entire adult life". I've checked your pictures closely, and in every instance I failed to see the image of a gun being held to your head while you posed. If it was so horrible, onerous and degrading, it stands to reason that you would have stopped doing it after the first shoot; and yet you continued to model for several more years.

    So quit crying about it. It was a unique experience by which you were well-compensated for, hob-nobbed with the glitterati, gained national media exposure and achieved a level of worldwide fame that endures more than thirty years onward. So spare us your angst - you knew what you were doing back then; live with it now.

  8. CF Kane, what a mean-spirited post. Louann's comment was not made in anger or disgust. Look inside.

  9. Many other women solved the problem, by not using their real name (including many Playmates at the time). To be fair, no-one could have predicted the existence of the internet in 1979. If I had wanted to get a copy of pictures of a Playmate from, say, 1955, back in 1979 it would have been, essentially, impossible.

  10. Great last picture! I wish all Playmates were as unashamed of their girly bits as Louann was! Thank you Louann, for all the tension your pictures helped teenage boys gain relief from, and I will seriously consider what you stated about veganism!

  11. CFKane - you are quite the charmer. We have very few guests of honor post here. Louann did so without carping much. You, on the other hand, have the personality of a viper.