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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Centrefold Venus of the Month 2: July - Yvette Vickers

A hip cat

From 50 years ago comes Yvette Vickers in a centrefold pose considered so risque at the time that Hugh Hefner's lawyers tried to talk him out of publishing it.

Fortunately for us, Hefner took no notice of them and Yvette appeared as Playmate in the July 1958 issue.

At this time in Playboy the only coloured photograph in the Playmate pictorial was the centrefold itself.

Indeed, it was the only nude picture as well, the other photographs being there to illustrate the Playmate's girl next door life.

Someone has posted a comment saying that they are the gentleman second from the right in this photograph, next to the lovely Yvette herself.

Triple P always likes these "normal life" photographs as it reinforces part of the real strength of featuring real girls rather than models.  Anyway, even if they were models or dancers it's nice to see them as you might have seen them on the street.  It somehow makes their decision to take their clothes off for us that much more precious, in some way.  This is particularly true of the fifties girls when this sort of thing was much more unusual and daring.

The picture, photographed by exploitation film director Russ Meyer, and the accompanying article were part of Playboy's conscious attempt to court the "beat generation".

Here is Yvette in the January 1960 Playmate review of the previous year.

Yvette with Paul Newman in Hud

Yvette, already a minor actress, rode the fame her centrefold generated and went on to be a reasonably successful B-movie and TV actress, although much of her part in the Paul Newman film Hud (1963) was cut as Newman's wife Joanne Woodward, didn't like the look of the all too apparent on-screen chemistry.

Flattened by the 50 foot tall woman

One of her most famous films was Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958) where her character was killed by the eponymous monster female.

She modelled for other men's magazines at the time as well. More recently she made a jazz record and appeared on the cult film convention circuit.

Agent Triple P thinks her centrefold is one of the finest from the 1950's and it is interesting to see that this alternative pose has nothing like the slutty abandonment of the chosen image

In the nineteen fifties Playboy had had to dial right back on the topless poses to keep, mainly, the US Postal Service from withdrawing its postage licence.  Yvette, therefore, never displays her nipples and this shot of her in the black underwear, used for Playboy's 1961 calendar, is as naked as she got.

Here she poses outdoors at the house which was the location for the shoot.

Finally, we have her at the pool and the beach.  The bottom one is a pin-up classic pose!



  2. So.... Anonymous. Your point is what? We all get old?

  3. I knew Yvette back in the ‘50s, in fact I’m one of the young men in the photos in her July 1959 Playboy centerfold spread. I’m the barefoot one.

    Yvette was a very sweet young lady, and a lot of fun to be around. It is very sad that she died alone with no one knowing or caring. I wrote to her a few years ago but received no reply. She will be remembered.


  4. Thanks for that, Jim. I have added the photo in question to the post!

  5. Man she was hot!I came across her name while looking at one of those "celebrity death" sites.
    She has an awesome ass,and superhot legs and feet too!Would like to see more naked pics of her!
    So,she was the first Playmate to show that much skin?