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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Venus from the Rear 4: Cambridge University's Bum of the Year 2016

Further to our earlier post last month on Cambridge's Bum of the Year competition, the finalists for the 2016 competition have just been announced so it is time for some more student bottoms!   First off, we have Nicola from Downing College, presenting herself at an interesting angle.  We like Nicola, she has a strong bottom, long legs and a small waist.

Here is Sarah, from Sidney Sussex College, reclining in front of her Gothic windows.  Full marks for the boots but she is let down by the grainy nature of the photo.  Find someone with a digital camera; don't rely on a mobile phone one!

This is Marie from Trinity Hall, although she is actually on the roof of Clare College.  She is slightly let down by some uneven lighting but then this is a tricky night time shot which would have benefited from some fill in flash. Full marks for getting Cambridge's most iconic building, King's College Chapel, in it, though.

Speaking of Clare College here is their Katie, flying the flag by the river.  Katie, we would guess, is not  a very tall girl but she certainly has some beguiling curves.  Definitely one of our favourites this year.

This one, of Cameron, from Edwards College, is our favourite photograph because it is perfectly exposed (!), given difficult lighting conditions,  Cameron is not skulking on some rooftop but is bravely standing outside The Gardenia restaurant (popularly known as Gardies by the students) on Rose Cresent, right in the heart of the city.  We love the man in the centre raptly observing Cameron's front and the man on the far right laughing.  The girl on the left does not look amused, however.  Cute dimples, Cameron.

Next up we have Polly (there's a name you don't hear very often these days) from Homerton College., looking confident (as well she might given her taut rear) in a lecture theatre

There are also men entered, of course, although we think that the overall winner can be of either sex.  This year they have a number of couples too and in this shot we have Andrea from Wolfson and Davis from Emmanuel College. Whether they are an actual couple or just good friends we don't know, unless the exploding firework is some sort of Freudian clue.

We respect the last couple, Theresa from St Catherine's and Michael from Trinity, for their excellent balance.  Even sitting in a single scull is a challenge let alone standing up in one.  Well done!

The results will be announced by the end of the month but one picture already has over 40% of the votes.  Can you guess which?