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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Personally Selected Venus 15: Cheryl Tiegs in a mesh swimsuit

Reader David Stevens noted the similarity between one of Barbara Minty's swimsuit pictures and the famous Sports Illustrated one of Cheryl Tiegs (above).  This appeared in Sports Illustrated''s November 1978 swimsuit issue; when the swimsuit content was still just part of the normal magazine (it became a stand alone magazine in 1997).  Cheryl's see through net swimsuit was a nipple revealing first for Sports Illustrated.

Conservative Americans wrote in to express their horror at such pornography.  Three hundred and forty, unbelievably, cancelled their subscriptions as a result and more people wrote into the magazine about this issue than any other.  Interestingly, Sports Illustrated's own digital version (above) has been considerably washed out compared with the original (top) to de-emphasise Cheryl's disgusting breasts.

But then Sports Illustrated has had many problems, over the last fifteen years or so, from puritans complaining about the Swimsuit Issue.  In 1999 German model Heidi Klum appeared inside dressed only in a body paint bikini (the first of many they would feature). More horror from shocked Americans.  In 2005, to placate those complaining about objectification of women. they offered an opt out from the Swimsuit Issue for subscribers.

In 2008 Marissa Miller's cover caused opprobrium from one self appointed guardian of public morals, Bob Peters, who complained that in displaying this issue, American retailer Wal-Mart, was torpedoing their own family friendly image.  One mother in North Carolina complained to Wal-Mart when her seven year old daughter pointed out the model was topless.  Really?  Had she never seen her mother naked?

The low level of intelligence displayed by many of these people was apparent when they complained about this 2010 image of Genevieve Morton posing with a WW2 aircraft.   "She is glamourising swastikas!" gasped the professionally offended.  No, many WW2 aircraft had swastikas on them as indication that they had shot down a German (sorry, Nazi) plane.  Good grief! Beyond stupid!


  1. There are other shots out there from this photo session, a Cheryl Tiegs tumblr posted them a while back. I think that some of them were capped from a SI Swimsuit retrospective coffee table book.

  2. Thanks! Obviously I prefer Ms. Tiegs' version of the suit, although it would have been nice if the designer had omitted the lower cloth panel as well.

    1. indeed, but it's still a lovely shot of her vulva. How about some more photos of Ms. Tiegs? I think there was at least one photo of her in a wet red one piece bathing suit

  3. I remember the original photo of Cheryl Tiegs fondly. :)

  4. I wish puritans would stop going on these lame crusades against sexuality, which is a beautiful thing!