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Friday, September 25, 2015

Centrefold Venus of the Month 75: Yanez Lancaster, August 1981

We haven't had many Centrefold Girls of the Month from Mayfair magazine so here we present the engagingly smiling Yanez Lancaster.  

This issue was from August 1981 and our posting of this makes us up to date with our August centrefolds.

Mayfair usually gave the names of the photographers for its pictorials but in this case, for some reason, they did not.

Yanez is just the sort of "dark and obvious" lady that Triple P likes (according to one of our friends anyway) and her whole pictorial is illuminated by her lovely smile.

According to Mayfair, Yanez was the sister of a girl called Yolanda who they said had appeared in the May issue from that year.  They said they both originated in Denver, Colorado.  We will look at Yolanda, shortly.

The pictorial starts with her fully clothed and then she gradually removes her sheer knickers and pink dress. 

Most UK men's magazines had, since the end of 1977, backed off from the spread thighs approach seen across the Atlantic but Mayfair was even more chaste and this barely visible glimpse of Yanez's bits was unusual for the magazine.  It wasn't until Paul Raymond bought the magazine later in the decade that they went the way of the others.

We have no idea if Yolanda was American as another UK magazine claimed she was half English and half Indian.

One notable thing about her, considering that this was the eighties, was the thick line of hair running from her pubis up to and even past her belly button.  Most unusual for the period but rather delightful.

This is very much our favourite shot from the Mayfair pictorial where gravity is doing delightful things to her bust.

So we like the Mediterranean looking Yanez with her delightfully unkempt nether regions.

 Chic February 1981

She appeared in a number of other magazines in the early eighties with her most high profile appearance being in February 1981's Chic.

Most of her other appearances were in less well known magazines.  She posed in a far more assertive way than she had in Mayfair for most of these publications.

She did a girl/girl set for Britain's Whitehouse All Colour Digest where she appeared in the centrefold. 


Yolanda as Pat Benedict in Mayfair May 1981

Her sister, Yolanda, went under quite a few aliases but appeared in rather more well known magazines.  Interestingly her appearance in May 1981's Mayfair which was mentioned in Yanez's August pictorial was under the name Pat Benedict.

Whitehouse issue 90

Players Girls Pictorial

Men Only October 1980

Knave January 1981

As did her sister, she posed (twice) for Mayfair in typically less explicit poses but also raunched it up for other magazines.

Her most high profile shoot was for the cover and centrefold of January 1982's Cavalier.

Finally, the two sisters did a pictorial which appeared in Whitehouse All Colour Digest number 32 where they get really rather touchy-feely with each other.

Goodness me!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Birthday Venus: Victoria Pendleton

Today is multiple Olympic gold medal winning track cyclist Victoria Pendelton's thirty-fifth birthday.  So here she is in her birthday suit!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dancing Venus: Kirsty Gallacher

Agent Triple P's guilty Autumn TV pleasure, Strictly Come Dancing kicks off properly on Friday.  Although the level of celebrity of the contestants is probably the weakest ever, we will be paying particular attention to Kirsty Gallacher.  TV sports presenter Kirsty is the daughter of professional golfer Bernard Gallacher and her initial appearances presenting sports shows were somewhat groundbreaking back in the nineties.  Just before starting Strictly she posed for a women's health and fitness magazine (above) looking very fine indeed, at the age of thirty nine.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Piratical Venus for International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Aaaargh!  Today be talk like a pirate day so, swipe me, a swashbucklin' filly is served. The cursed Jolly Roger is hidin' her sterncastle but no doubt she be sportin' a fine pair of pirate boots, an' naught else!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dance studio Venus: Kathy Shower for 11.5 million views

Venus Observations has just passed eleven and a half million views so we looked around for a suitable geographical location with a matching population and the closet is the state of Ohio.  Surprisingly Ohio has produced more Playmates than any other states except Texas, New York, Illinois, Florida and the clear winner, California.  

Having looked at the 27 Playmates concerned our clear favourite was Miss May 1985, Kathy Shower.  

We remember buying this issue and being impressed with her double page dance studio shot (top) as well as this smaller one.  What a cute little outfit!

Several other pictures of her taken in the same setting were rather more revealing than usual for the period but all have that nice eighties workout vibe.  

We had a girlfriend in this period who went to regular classes at Pineapple Dance Studio in London and always floated around her flat in Battersea barely dressed in wispy bits of nothing just like this.

When Shower appeared in Playboy she was not only already a mother of two but, at 33, was the oldest Playmate to date.  She had already had a number of TV roles before her Playboy appearance and acted for more than fifteen years; including a 46 episode run in TV soap Santa Barbara from 1985 to 1986.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Venus Revealed: The Pubic Wars Part 12 1980 part 3

In to the second half of 1980 and Playboy had a striking cover shot by Phillip Dixon featuring a nicely oiled Sandra Dumas, a model who had just appeared in the film Twee Vrouwen (Two Women) (1979).  

Sandra Dumas with Bibi Andersson in Twee Vrouwen

The film was based on a Dutch novel of the same name by Harry Mulisch, which was published in 1975.  The story tells of a lesbian relationship between an older woman and a young girl. Dutch filmmaker George Sluizer wanted to make the film in English and approached both Jane Fonda and Ellen Burstyn, who were all nervous about the lesbian theme and turned him down.  In the end, Swedish actress Bibi Andersson was hired to play the older character.  For the younger woman, Sluizer cast Sandra Dumas, who he had met in a bar.  She was just seventeen when she made the film.   The film was only moderately successful but was shown at the Cannes Film Festival.  Dumas didn't make another film.

Playboy's first pictorial was a travelogue about Hawaii, liberally embellished with pictures of naked women by Richard Fegley.  Here Audria Wilson shows off her tan lines on the beach.  Playboy would return to Hawaii the following month.

Playmate of the Month was the svelte Teri Peterson photographed by Phillip Dixon in Mexico.  We well remember this splendid shot from when we bought the magazine at college.  Teri's 22 inch waist is very apparent in this shot.  She was already a successful model at this point and went on to have a few bit parts in TV shows and do rather more acting on stage in Los Angeles.  Subsequently she became a fitness instructor.

The final pictorial was one of those "comedy" ones that Playboy came up with once in a while, this time featuring then popular actor Dudley Moore in a piece supposedly showing which jobs enabled you to meet the most women.  The picture which elicited the biggest response from readers was this one of Moore in a sauna sat next to the magnificent Joyce Gibson.

The naked girl content in Oui was getting smaller every month.  However, the quality of the women remained very high as we can see from cover girl and the subject of the first pictorial that month, the very perky Penny Grey, as photographed by Brian Anderson.

It was a return visit for Tessa Hewitt who had appeared in the previous July's issue of Oui, photographed in the Caribbean.  Shot by British photographer John Kelly, Tessa's body was completely covered in fine golden hairs in a way you just would not see these days.  There were just the two girly pictorial in Oui that month.  There was a topless swimsuit fashion shoot and another of their female  celebrity interviews (with Tanya Tucker) but the days of three pictorials of girls had gone at this point.

Penthouse featured the four contestants for that year's Pet of the Year play-off (clockwise from top left: Kate Simmons (Felicity Buirski), Dusty Jackson, Concetta Ardigo and Lynda Clark).  Unusually, the cover also name-checked current Pet of the Year, Cheryl Rixon.

Inside, Rixon appeared in her third Penthouse pictorial shot by Earl Miller in Tempe, Arizona which is where Robert Zemeckis film Used Cars, in which Rixon had a small part, was filmed.  Rixon's life living in Guccione's New York Mansion would come to an end the following year.  Never one of Guccione's harem (she was going out with Queen's Roger Taylor at the time) she asked where the Rolls-Royce and other prizes were that she had been promised when she became Pet of the Year.  She was promptly kicked out the house and had to sue Guccione for her prize money in the New York State Supreme Court.  She won but Guccione appealed and so, after having the original judgement upheld, she didn't get her money until 1985.  Guccione was so furious over what he thought of as disloyalty that he ordered that her name should never be spoken in his presence again.   Her next appearance in a men's magazine would be in Oui in January 1983 although, at least, by this time it was no longer owned by Hugh Hefner.

Unlike Rixon, who appeared in Penthouse multiple times as well as in some of the foreign editions, Pet of the Month Samantha Faye was one of those many Pets who disappeared after her pictorial.  Faye had, unusually, very short hair but was beautiful enough that she could carry it off.  Photographed by Earl Miller, the leggy Samantha was six foot tall.

In contrast with Hugh Hefner, who appeared in the pages of Playboy constantly, pictures of Bob Guccione, other than his usual annual self portrait with the Pet of the Year, were very rare.  In the Pet play-off pictorial, however, were a number of pages of pictures of then reigning PotY Cheryl Rixon's year.  One of the pictures was this one of Guccione with a selection of Pets: Top: Lori Wagner; Middle: Corrine Alphen, Vicki Johnson, Cheryl Rixon; Bottom: Dominique Maure and Anneka di Lorenzo

There were two pages each of pictures of the Pet of the Year contenders such as Lynda Clarke shown here.

Club featured the dark and sultry Annabel on the cover and inside for July.  Here she gives her knickers a good tug.

Inside, the centrefold was Collean, in a set involving lots of leopard print, thigh high boots, mirrors, a brass bedstead and faux masturbation.  Business as usual, in fact.

Dwight Fox presented two ladies getting to know each other in a gym after a nice invigorating game of tennis, although we do not think that the All England Club at Wimbledon would be very impressed by their coloured clothes.  This is a particularly nice tactile shot.

The celebrity nude driven High Society had, like many other magazines at the time, Bo Derek on the cover.

Inside, they also featured, for the first time in a magazine, a set of nude photographs of film director John Carpenter's busty wife Adrienne Barbeau,  Barbeau had just starred in Carpenter's The Fog (1980), which had been released a few months earlier, hence the cash in.  In fact the pictures had been taken in New York in the sixties.

Barbeau had worked as a go-go dancer in a New York bar in the sixties before getting her big break on stage in Fiddler on the Roof.  Unlike some actresses she did not cause an uproar about the publication of the pictures, only noting that she had a thyroid complaint when they were shot resulting in her being on the heavy side.  Some bits of her are heavier than others.


Arnella Zane

Other than Ms Barbeau, High Society's girls were not quite as up to the standard you would find in the other magazines but perhaps their little imperfections made them more appealing to their readership.  The amount of exposure they displayed varied wildly from pictorial to pictorial too.  At this point they were rather less explicit than they had been in at the time of the magazine's launch in 1976.

Hustler's cover picture got them into trouble with some readers.  "You are literally calling America a whore, thereby advocating the prostitution of everything we as a nation have stood for over two centuries" said Virginia Cowden of Cleveland.  "Don't degrade our flag respect it!" moaned an American Legion Auxiliary (whatever that is).  Although one reader did say that he mode was"absolutely gorgeous" and that Hustler should use her in a photo-feature.  Obviously not an American Legion Auxiliary member.

Hustler's X-rated film review gave rival magazine Penthouse's Caligula (1980) a "worthwhile" review.  The same feature had a couple of bold cunnilingus shots  from the films it reviewed like this one of Kelly Nichols being seen to in Bon Appetit (1980).

An unusual couples pictorial followed, taking us back to the myths of Ancient Greece, in a set called The Nymph and the Satyr by Clive McLean.   The nymph is Loni Sanders and the satyr Paul Barresi.  Barresi was a model, porn star and conventional actor.  He had appeared on the cover and in the boy/girl pictorial White Heat in the December 1978 issue of Hustler.  More recently he has been involved in a number of cases as a private investigator in celebrity jobs and in 2008 was jailed for wire-tapping, as well as possession of illegal firearms.  He is still in prison.

Matti Klatt photographed that month's Hustler Honey, Cissy, who also had one of Hustler's life-sized centrefolds, which was the size of eight normal pages.

Cellmates, by Clive McLean featured that perennial exploitation favourite, women in prison.

The final pictorial featured Elaine by Suze Randall who, unusually didn't get her to hold her labia open with her fingers.  Not that she needed any manual help in displaying herself.

August's Playboy featured a return to the magazine by Bo Derek, in another pictorial shot be her husband John.  Playboy claimed that the Japanese woman appearing alongside Bo in many of the pictures, which were shot at a traditional bathhouse in Japan, just happened to be there.  We bought this issue during our first year at University and our girlfriend at the time said that she thought the Japanese girl was more attractive than Bo; something we had to agree with.

Playmate of the Month was 24 year old Victoria Cooke who was born in California but moved to Arizona as a seventeen year old.  Here she gives an increasingly rare Playmate flash.

October 1978

She studied real estate and finance at the University of Arizona and while there actually appeared in the Playboy pictorial Girls of the PAC 10 in the October 1978 issue.

Cooke poses for Wynne

She moved to Hawaii which is where Mario Casilli took her Playmate photographs.  She was a successful competitive sailor and crewed the winning boat in the Hawaiian catamaran championships. The strapping 5'8" tall Cooke also taught exercise classes and her magnificently toned body was chosen by Playboy to be the model for a sculpture at the entrance of Playboy's ill fated Atlantic City casino.  Sculptor David Wynne had her pose for him for six weeks in his studio in Wimbledon, south west London.  The failure of Playboy to gain a gambling licence for the Atlantic City casino meant that they sold their share in the enterprise so it is doubtful if the sculpture was ever completed.

Five Swimmers (1980)

Wynne (1926-2014) was a well known sculptor in Britain and there are many of his statues dotted around London today.  Indeed, one of his works, Five Swimmers, is in Agent Triple P's home town of Staines and dates from around the same time.

As Playboy staffer James Petersen later said of her: "I think she was the first really athletic Playmate we ever had with that sort of muscle tone."  This is perfectly demonstrated in her centrefold shot where she looks just jaw-dropping.  She moved from fitness work during her modelling career (she did high fashion work too) to choreographing and then directing fitness videos and TV programmes.  Now she is a successful photographer herself, shooting wedding portrait and boudoir photography. 

Staying with the Hawaiian theme of the last two issues Playboy's last pictorial for August was The Girls of Hawaii.  Here we have the very fetching Lourdes Ann Kananimanu Estores who was also a fitness instructor.  We'll see more of her in the future as she was picked to be Playmate of the Month for June 1982 and she posed for one of Triple P's all time favourite Playmate pictures of the eighties.  She demonstrates the new Playboy technique of having a girl pose with her legs spread without showing her bits.

Cover girl actress Greta Blackburn had also been on the cover of Oui's October 1979 issue, here shot by Playboy's Phillip Dixon.  She would have a busy TV career in the eighties.

Oui's own Jeff Dunas photographed Monica Mueller who personified Oui's European style elegance rather beautifully.

"Nineteen year old Janine Andrews is an art student from London," began Oui's centrefold blurb for August.  Well, we don't know about art student but Janine Andrews (actually from Birmingham) had just started on what would be a high profile, decade long modelling career.  First posing for Page 3 of The Sun at the age of seventeen, this was one of her first magazine pictorials.  We will see more of her in the future as  a Penthouse Pet and Bond girl.

Penthouse'a August cover featured another appearance by August 1976 Pet Victoria Lynn Johnson who, sadly, and unusually for Penthouse, did not appear inside.

Penthouse's first girl for August was German model Ursula Obermoser from Munich photographed by Stan Malinowski in a rather Oui like style; this being her most explicit shot.  Penthouse claimed she was a famous German high fashion model and she is beautiful enough to make this believable.

Pet of the Month was Dianne Jamison,  another Penthouse one hit wonder, who offered her rear end and prominent sphincter, bareback astride a horse.  Splendid!

The final pictorial, Other Voices, Other Rooms, was a girl/girl, one largely shot in the desert by David Schoen.  The two unnamed girls, one of whom appears rather older than the other, offer up rather more kissing and pussy touching than usual.

Speaking of Penthouse, Cheri magazine that month featured a girl they called Emily who they claimed was an amateur who had won a Cheri make-over competition.  Emily was then supposedly glammed up by busty Cherry Bomb who was almost an in house model for Cheri at the time.

She was then presented in a series of 'after' photos.  In fact she is Sherry Moran who would go on to be Penthouse Pet of the Month for April 1981

Club came up with a gimmick for August's issue featuring some pictures in 3D and including a pair of 3D glasses to view the blurry red and green images.  The cover girl was Abigail who was also featured inside (although not in 3D!).

In her shoot by Art Mancini Abigail is touching herself in nearly every shot; this rear end one being typical of Club's bottom-fixated style.

Abigail was was active in magazines, under a number of different names, from the end of the seventies to the beginning of the eighties.   Here she is as centrefold in the UK's Whitehouse Digest 34.

As Marta in Swank 10 Best Girls, April 1981

With Jody Swafford from Playdames

In fact she was porn actress and model Piper Smith (her real name) who appeared in a number of films including: Suze's Centrefolds 2 (1979), Co-ed Fever (1980) (as Devon Harrison), F (1980) and Menage-a-trois (1981).

Laurie Smith in Playboy Italia, June 1982

She also appeared in Ultra Flesh (1980), which is actually in Triple P's collection, alongside her sister Laurie, who appeared in far more films than her sister.  Laurie also appeared in magazines and we have already seen her in Chic November 1979 (see our relevant Pubic Wars post).

 Laurie Smith, Seka and Piper Smith in Ultra Flesh (1980)

 Laurie (l) and Piper (r) explore Seka's pussy

 Laurie and Piper kiss

In Ultra Flesh she has a lesbian scene with her sister and Seka, playing the title role.  Laurie and Piper service Seka but do have one passionate kiss with each other at one point!

Speaking of girl on girl action, Club had Carole and Jacquie in 3D action as well as some more conventional shots photographed by Dwight Fox.

An article featuring the confessions of an English prostitute operating in London' Mayfair was illustrated by a number of pictures of the lady herself (supposedly) dressed in the increasingly popular fetish gear.  This outfit certainly makes a couple of pertinent points.

Billie, was also displayed in 3D for her centrefold but here she is in unblurred form as photographed by Dwight Fox.

Hustler's August X-Rated reviews featured this photograph of a spattered Rikki O'Neal (who had also appeared in porn classic Debbie Does Dallas (1978))  in Secrets of a Willing Wife (1980).  Seemingly, Hustler's first depiction of semen.

The first pictorial featured red-haired Melissa, better known as porn star Copper Penny, by Clive McLean.  Not content with parting her labia with her fingers Melissa has actually slid the tip of a finger between them.

That month's Honey, Dusty, was kitted out like a cowgirl by Matti Klatt.  Boots, chaps and a saddle made it a good pictorial for lovers of leather.

The boy girl pictorial was perilously close to a comedy one and featured a senator and his lovely secretary.  The title of the pictorial Behind Closed Doors refers to a TV miniseries from 1977 with Jason Robards: Washington: Behind Closed Doors.  You...have no business degrading theU.S. Senate by conjuring up sec scenes and making them look real," wrote PD from Los Angeles, thereby offering a backhanded compliment.

Suze Randall's Moving Experience did have a lady spreading her labia and another lady, unusually, touching it too.

Another of Playboy's college girl pictorials featured on their September cover.  It is November 1977 Playmate Rita Lee posing for Playboy's Executive Art Director, Tom Staebler

The first pictorial that month was one of those dreaful "comedy" ones that were inexplicably popular at the time.  In this one, a shoot of actress Evelyn Guerrero by Ken Marcus was interrupted by the arrival on set of "comedians" Cheech and Chong plugging their latest film.  We remember at the time we bought this issue what a wasted opportunity this pictorial was as we liked Evelyn but had never heard of Cheech and Chong.

Guerrero, who appeared in the Cheech and Chong film, was actually 32 at the time and had been appearing in a number of acting roles.  She later had parts in Dallas, The Colbys, Remington Steele, Hill Street Blues, Matt Houston and many others.

In STTNG episode: Encounter at Farpoint (1987)

She also appeared as an ensign in the premier episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  She later went on to marry actor Pat (The Karate Kid) Morita.  We could have done with more of Evelyn and less of Cheech and Chong, frankly.

After all the increasingly concealed Playmates of the last few months it was something of a surprise to find Miss September Lisa Welch showing as much as she did in two of her shots by Ken Marcus.  Welch appeared in a few films and TV shows after her Playboy appearance but now she and her husband own a winery in California.

In the past, some of the girls in the Playboy college pictorials had shown rather more than the Playmates of the time but the new modesty now applied here too.  In the Girls of the Southwestern Conference most didn't even flash their fur, let alone anything more.  Here  Suzanne Schneider from Heidelberg does at least have some reflected fluff on display.

Oui's September covergirl, Dutch model Annik Van Rie, had been Oui's centrefold girl for January that year.

Brian Anderson shot the impressively leggy British model and Page 3 girl Angie Layne (real name Elaine Gittings from Sheffield).  This was her highest profile magazine pictorial.

Angie for Page 3

She was very active as a Page 3 model and fronted a lot of continental magazines in the eighties.  The high point of her modelling career was her appearance in the 1984 Pirelli Clandar, shot by Uwe Ommer

Lusardi and Layne

She was a close friend of Linda Lusardi who was distraught when Angie, who had been fighting cancer since 1985 tragically died of the disease just eleven years after this pictorial at the age of 31.

Nineteen year old Christine Howe was photographed by Playboy veteran Pompeo Posar for Oui's September centrefold feature.

September's Penthouse goes back to having one of the girls inside on the cover.  In this case it is Pet of the Month Delia Cosner, in a striking portrait by Earl Miller.  What lovely eyes she has!

More Oui-style for French Canadian, Sondra Lambrey.  We very much like the little white socks and sporty top!

Pet of the Month, Delia Cosner, had an unusual pictorial by Earl Miller in that it included several romantic shots of her with a man who, she claimed, was her "exercise instructor" (the term "fitness instructor" obviously not yet having been coined).  Much of it was all a bit Viva.  Delia was a really lovely girl and it's a shame we didn't get to see her again.

The final pictorial was another rare Penthouse excursion into the world of fetish clothing by Czech-born photographer Antonin Kratochvil.  Today he is an award winning photojournalist and portraitist who covered the war in Iraq,  His pin sharp style here is in complete contrast to Penthouse's usual style and his unrelenting lens picks up every feature of the skin of his two models who are quintessentially eighties in style.

Pictures of both women's faces in one shot are sparse in the actual magazine pictorial, so here is an outtake showing them both clearly.  The two models are unnamed in the text but they are, in fact, October 1979's Pet of the Month Tammy Hill (the redhead - right above) and June 1980's Danielle Deneux.

High Society was slightly suffering from a split peronality.  Some pictorials were going the way of Oui and even their spread legs shots were going the misty route, although this was to change with a few years.

In their interview and pictorial of porn star Hillary Summers, however, they were as labia spreading and juicy as Hustler was.

Hustler's erotic film review featured F (1980) which starred Piper Smith, who we have already seen in Club's August issue above.  Here John Leslie sees to Annette Haven in a still used in the magazine.

The first pictorial, by Matti Klatt, in Hustler's September issue had a lesbian vampire (a succubus, of course) theme.

September's Honey, Miranda was shot by Clive McLean wrapped in furs, which probably wouldn't be allowed these days.  This is an effective rear end shot.

In Strip Search  another "comedy" pictorial our two American travellers have to give themselves to the customs officers of an unnamed foreign country.  However the flag and the photograph of the Ayatolla Khomeini make it clear that this is supposed to be American enemy of the time, Iran.

The final pictorial was of Erin, Hustler's Beaver hunt winner, in a competition for amateurs (in theory) who sent pictures in to the magazine.  Erin was photographed by James Baes and certainly scrubbed up very nicely indeed.

For a supposed amateur Erin was pretty bold in her posing, inserting a finger into her pussy; something that was still very, very unusual for newsstand magazines at the time.

Next time we will look at the last quarter of 1980.