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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bond Girl Venus 6: Monica Bellucci - Licence renewed!

You can never have enough Monica!   No, these aren't recent announcements about Monica Bellucci's casting as the new Bond girl in Spectre but date, instead, from 1996.

My friend S just sent me these two clippings which show that back in 1996 Monica Bellucci was being considered for the role of Paris Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), to the extent that she had already been announced by the French press.

Bellucci in Dracula

The then 32 year old (not 26 as the newspaper said) Bellucci had appeared as one of Dracula's brides in Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) one of her first post modelling acting roles.  Triple P remembers being so impressed by her brief appearance in this film at the time that we went out and researched who this gorgeous creature was.

Bellucci in L'Appartement

By the time Tomorrow Never Dies was being cast she had appeared in L'Appartement, her breakthrough acting role for which she was nominated for a César Award.  She actually did a screen test with Brosnan but the producers went for the better known Teri Hatcher, then appearing in Lois and Clarke: The New Adventures of Superman, in the end.  

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