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Friday, December 27, 2013

Top Five Posts of 2013

We are continually updating the Pubic Wars posts with more pictures as we find them.  This young lady from Club's November 1978 issues will be posted in the top ranking post soon

A it is the end of the year it is, inevitably, time for a retrospective list.  So here are the most viewed posts of those put up in 2013.  We had more than two million visits in 2013 and passed 300 followers.  We are always happy to take requests if we are able and made several posts as a result, usually, of a picture on one of our Pubic Wars series posts.

1. Venus Revealed: The Pubic Wars 10 1978 Part 4

Posted June. 27, 030 views.

This edition of our long-running Pubic Wars series explored several firsts in men's magazines as they pushed the boundaries of what could be shown.  Nearly 7,000 views a month for this one.

2.  Venus Revealed: The Pubic Wars 10 1978 Part 1

Posted February. 25,185 views.

In this episode we looked at the way pictorial explicitness in men's magazines in the US started to go in different directions in 1978.

3.  Venus Revealed: The Pubic Wars 10 1978 Part 2

Posted April.  22,930 views.

Not quite scoring as highly as the first quarter of 1978 post but then it was posted three months later so it is actually getting more views per month.

Posted May. 22,003 Views

It's four out of four for 1978 Pubic Wars Posts.  This one is set to overtake Part 2 very soon.

Posted January. 18, 136 Views.

UK television personality Leslie Crowther's daughter posed for Mayfair under the name of Hilary Stephens and displayed a sumptuous posterior.  The only post that wasn't a Pubic Wars one in the top five.  We plan to post a lot more centrefolds in 2014.

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