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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Harem Venuses from Lui magazine 1990

We haven't had any harem girls for a while and as the whether has turned colder here perhaps a bit of eastern heat wouldn't go amiss.

This oh so tasteful pictorial is from October 1990's issue of Lui magazine, which was recently relaunched in France.  This incarnation of the magazine, also published by Filipacchi, like the original Lui, was launched in 1987 and ignoring the previous magazine's numbering started again from 1.

Early on in the run the magazine was published in two separate volumes but by 1990 was back to just one volume every month.  By 1993 circulation had dropped so much that the magazine went bi-monthly before ceasing publication in 1994.

Lui in this period was a lot less visually explicit than it had been in the seventies and eighties with fleeting glimpses of pubic hair a rarity.  It was also published in a larger format than the original which gave the pictures much more impact.

The pictorial was shot on location in Morocco giving a splendid authenticity to the intereriors and making them look like nineteenth century Orientalist paintings.

The photographer was Richard Suzuki who is most famous for being the cinematographer on Emmanuelle (1974).  He also shot a couple of other slightly racy films in the seventies: Catherine & Cie (1975) starring Jane Birkin and Boarding School (1978) starring Nastassja Kinski.

Four models are credited for the shoot but we only get their first names: Dina, Ulrika, Danielle and Armelle and can't find out which is which.  

Some of these shots could quite easily have come from a women's magazine as any eroticism is very gentle.  Nevertheless, they are a very effective attempt at bringing to life an orientalist painting.

We did wonder about putting this pictorial in our Seduction of Venus blog instead but there is really only this one shot which intimates any sort of gentle sapphic activity and as we have other harem themed posts in this blog we decided to put it here instead.

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