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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Colombian Venus: Maria Checa

Agent Triple P is off to Bogota for a week so there won't be any posts for a bit, we suspect.  It is appropriate, however, to put up these pictures of, as far as we know, the only Colombian-born Playmate.

Maria Checa was born in Bogota in 1979 and was Playmate of the Month for August 1994.  

She now lives in the US, moving with her family to America when she was nine, no doubt because Bogota was probably not such a good city to be in in the eighties.  It is very much safer today, thank goodness.

Maria is only 5'2" tall and reminds us of a dinky Colombian waitress we used to know of similar build.

Four years ago she got into trouble for being involved, through her boyfriend, in an insider trading scam involving Lehman Brothers.  No doubt she is very expensive to run.


  1. She's lovely and an old fave of mine. But I think there was another _colombiana_. Can't remember her name... more petite than Ms. Checa and extremely cute. One of the two ended up in some kind of mess with the drug barons and a criminal charge, if I remember right.