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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Centrefold Venus of the Month 30: Suzanne (Linda Lusardi), November 1977

For a very long time Miss Lusardi has been the most popular search on Venus Observations.  We first posted her February 1977 pictorial from Mayfair in February of last year and, since then, she has regularly topped the list of most viewed post.  Last month, for example, she accounted for no less than 20% of all the search results for this blog but then when we Googled her today our Venus Observations entry was the third one on the list.

 Fiesta November 1977

What better way of celebrating our thirtieth Centrefold of the Month than revisiting her and presenting her notorious Fiesta set from November 1977.

Fiesta, October 1977

Oddly, Linda didn't appear on the cover of the November issue but had, in a picture taken in the session that would feature in November, on the October cover.

Not unusually, Linda appeared under another name, Suzanne, which, perhaps was what led her to try and deny she had ever posed for such an explicit set in the future. 

There are quite a few pictures from this set on the web but most of them are of poor quality.  We have  done our own scans, as usual, to ensure we have nice crisp pictures (given the limits of the far from quality printing in the magazine itself).

The pictures were shot by Allan Johns which is obviously a pseudonym for the photographer who discovered her, John Allum.

Eschewing the clothed shots that were still being used in Penthouse, for example, at the time Johns really only uses Lusardi's red dress to add a flash of colour to what is, in fact, a pictorial with a very limited colour palette.

What she does keep on, in every shot, are her stockings, which have an enticing lace top.

The pictorial only utilises one setting which features a large round chair which is dressed up in several ways.

A little more colour is introduced through the use of a green feather boa and some apricot covered, rather slimy-looking, seventies sheets.

The overall colour of the pictorial is predominantly black and tan, however, the overall lack of fussiness focussing us very clearly on Miss Lusardi's teenage form.

It was only really in 1976 that UK mens' magazines stopped retouching their pictures to avoid the models' labia showing.   By 1977, when this pictorial was shot, not only were genitals not hidden but had become the focus of the pictorials and this is certainly the case with Linda's pictorial here.

There is no Penthouse style soft-focus or dreamily romantic portraits or clothed shots here, just Linda displaying her (rather splendid) pussy.  This is the last of the pictures from the November 1977 pictorial and she never did such explicit shots again.

This picture is very similar (but flipped) to her Fiesta October 1977 cover.

Other pictures from this shoot popped up in a number of places afterwards.  We did not scan these pictures so the quality is variable but we are nothing if not a completist so include them here, starting with a set featuring the red dress and the white chair.

The rest feature the dreaded apricot sheet, starting with these ones of Linda from the rear.

Since we posted the original Mayfair set of her back in February last year we actually met her briefly at an event in London; she seemed rather charming, we thought, and still looked very good.

Someone left a comnent to the effect, on our earlier post, that they felt she had rather demeaned herself with these pictures, given that they appeared after she had made her first appearance as a Page 3 girl. That is a much larger debate, outside the remit of this post, to do with questions of taste and the artistic aesthetic. Triple P tends to be of the opinion, as someone once wrote in Men Only at about this time, that "why can't a pretty girl have a pretty cunt?"  Something Miss Lusardi certainly displays rather well.

Our only negative thought on this pictorial is that Linda has a particularly dazzling smile (which we are sure is the main reason - after the obvious two - for her overwhelming popularity as a Page 3 girl) so it is a pity to see her looking so glum in this set.   


  1. Great Blog. You mentioned the 1980's. I hope you can do a feature on my favorite pet ever, Cody Carmack, pet of the year for 1986/

  2. A lovely natural pussy which goes well with the lacy stocking tops. You are right about the lack of the lovely smile though.

  3. Codi Carmack was a sexy Penthouse Pet. Was she the one in a POY large insert poster wearing a purple robe and towel in some steamer? The robe was pulled off to reveal her breast and she posed in a way that her pussy was in full full. She looked excited, or at least, her clit and labia did. It's a crime to not see a women that aroused not bin shot in shot focus romantic style clothing being fondled by a man.

  4. A gorgeous woman, and the sight of that lovely teenage pussy just makes me think how nice it would have been to bury my face in it. ;-) As you said on the article, it probably wasn't the best idea for Linda to deny ever doing full nude shots.

  5. One should not be fooled by Linda's submissive poses in her fully-nude sets. In a later interview, concerning her interest in photography, she talks about making a nuisance of herself in getting the lighting exactly right in these shoots. Obviously she was the calling the shots herself! Her fussiness pays off - compare her Fiesta shoot here, for example, with the others in the same issue and you will see what I mean: Attention to detail is what makes the difference: however much you may dislike the satin sheets, the sensual quality is undeniable, and her expression is always one of sensual abandon. Compare this with most other models, who tend to look like they are desperate to get the session over with, and get paid. Another example is the blue-bedsheet set in Mayfair (, which though less open-legged, is the best-lit shoot I have seen, and has the same feel of unhurried, elegant sensual abandon. The model having a bit of imagination, and being allowed control is obviously what makes the difference.

  6. I'm not how much control a teenage model in her first shoots would have but they are both successful sets. You are right about the lighting - so much better than today's over-lit efforts.

  7. A real pity it was in the hairy years...

  8. No, this is how women should look!


    This is a scan of the article I was talking about. It is posted on Yahoo Groups.

    To quote: "I used to be famous for turning up at a studio and criticising the lighting".

    I am not sure what to make of this, as the suggestion is that she took charge more as her career progressed, whereas as we know she went all-out for eroticism only in the early sessions.

  10. Thanks for this. Interesting to see that she claimed to first pose at the age of eighteen in 1978 whereas actually she was born in 1958 and her first work was in 1976.
    But then when you look that good at fifty you can get a way with lying about your age!

  11. Annoyingly, those links do not appear to work, but the scans are in the linda-lusardi Yahoo group, under "Files": LL18mar1sm.jpg and LL18mar2sm.jpg. She has made herself such a sex object in the black lace stocking tops and blue bedsheet pics that I am sure no-one could have objected to her taking charge of the lighting.

  12. I just cut and pasted them they worked fine.

  13. Didn't know Linda had a twin !!!!!!! What a load of pony of cause It's her showing her pussy lips , nice I'd love to tongue that twat .

  14. Didnt realise cunt lips were so big and you'd have to finger her first just to get through that thatch .

  15. a pussy should be clipped but never shaven.

  16. Wonderful hairy cunt, we need more like it. Would luv to fuck her.

  17. Linda looks stunning in all the sets in this article and those referenced in the btl comments. I must admit, I preferred Kathy Lloyd from that era. Any chance you can find a few sets from the beautiful Kathy, Triple P?

    1. I think I agree with you there. I'll have a look. Most of my magazines are American ones but I might have some Mayfairs from the right period...