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Friday, February 26, 2010

Centefold Venus of the Month 9: February - Linda Lusardi

Linda's centrefold 

We move outside the big two this month to return to February 1977 and the then 18 year old Linda Lusardi from Britain's Mayfair magazine.

Linda, or Lynda, as the pictorial had it, had been discovered by Photographer John Allum's wife model, and later photographer herself, Joanie.

Photographers John and Joanie Allum today

Linda was born in Palmer's Green in North London (now more famous for the fact that it has the largest Cypriot population outside Cyprus) and at the time this pictorial appeared she was still living with her parents in nearby Winchmore Hill.

Linda tweaks her self into action

Linda was about to make her first Page 3 appearance in The Sun newspaper and would later be voted "Best Page 3 girl ever" in 2005.

As we mentioned in a post over on The Adventures of Triple P we were not entirely convinced by her looks later in her career but feel that here, as a teenager, her face was somewhat softer than it became later. She certainly displays her magnificent 35C-23-34 figure to advantage in these pictures.

Girls and poles, eh?

Later in her career she denied ever doing full frontal shots but even in those pre-internet days it didn't take long for pictures from this shoot and another even more explicit set from Fiesta (under the name Suzanne) the following year to resurface. UK Penthouse republished some of these shots together with some from Fiesta in 1985. She also appeared in some continental magazines so fibbing about it was hopeless, especially as she appeared under her real name in this pictorial!

Lovely back view

Latterly, she has had a successful career as an actress. She had a role on dreadful Yorkshire based farming soap Emmerdale back in 2007 but left in 2008 to "concentrate on her family". Only yesterday, however, she said she would like to go back to Emmerdale. Obviously the family is not as exciting as a regular pay cheque!

Linda is one of the most searched models on The Adventures of Triple P site so although we are not a huge fan we are, as ever, very happy to deliver what our discerning readers want.

One problem, that seems to fox many people, however, is how to spell her surname. We get a baffling collection of alternative spellings: Lusadi, Luserdi, Lucardi (obviously not Italian speakers as that would be a hard "c") etc.

February 1977 cover

Here we have the cover of the issue in question. Below we can see a shot done at the same time  which didn't appear in the pictorial but which Agent Triple P remembers with great affection.

Calendar girl

This was used in a calendar which must have appeared in 1979 as we remember this picture being in it. It was on the wall of the office in Heathrow Airport where Triple P worked for a time between school and university. It was very much our favourite picture of the twelve.

Needless to say you couldn't have a calendar up in an office like this anymore as the politically correct "wimmin" (or even worse, politically correct men) would make you take it down.

There were a number of women working in that office at that time and none of them objected to the calendar at all and in fact they used to join in the debate about who was the best girl. We seem to remember that Linda's picture was everyone's favourite.


In fact, when Triple P left one of the girls in the office gave us the page from the calendar as a goodbye present! She was also suggesting that perhaps we could take some pictures of her. However, she was 28 at the time and Triple P was only 19 so we found her far too intimidating to follow her up on the offer, sadly, as she was a very finely constructed woman indeed.

Mayfair issue 1 with Raquel Welch on the cover

Mayfair is now the most collectable mens' magazine in the UkK, consistently going for higher prices than its contemporaries.  We recently saw this first issue being advertised at around £500. The magazine was first published by Fisk publishing in August 1966 riding on the back of the success of Penthouse, which had first appeared in Britain the year before.

The brainchild of Brian Fisk, the editor was Kenneth Bound who would stay at the helm until 1990. The magazine was very successful and in 1968 it took over its slightly earlier (1964) rival King. In 1982 Robert Maxwell tried to buy the title from Fisk's widow. At this point the magazine's circulation was around 430,000 a month. Maxwell said: 'It is the Playboy of the British magazine world. It is not a "girlie" magazine - the best evidence of this is that it is the only one of its type which WH Smith distribute as well as Playboy.'

Bound, however, launched a management buyout and ran it for another seven years before selling to Paul Raymond publications who thereby acquired their last main rival (circulation was nearly 300,000 copies a month at this point).

Mayfair is still published but is more explicit than in the Fisk/Bound era. Unlike the Paul Raymond publications, it never really followed Penthouse down the explicit genitalia route in the mid seventies and these pictures of Linda are typical of the level of explicitness shown from the magazine in the late seventies.

Agent Triple P is, of course, a completist so will finish this entry with half a dozen pictures taken by John Allum during the shoot which didn't appear in the February 1977 magazine.

These pictures would have been too explicit for Mayfair at this time as Linda is showing far too much pussy.

More fruit for Linda.

Linda brushes up. Nice belly button!


  1. A magnificent vixen.

  2. For the true glamour aficionado:

    Model identification in vintage men’s magazines – we recognise your fav from the pics!

  3. A truly stunning figure - many thanks for reviving the memories of this Mayfair classic set.

  4. She was always stunning, still is actually.

    I remember buying the magazine with the collection of pictures when it first come out. The one and only time I've ever felt compelled to buy a porn mag, albeit soft porn.

    I even remember feeling a little bit seedy as I travelled on the central line into work with the magazine safely esconced in my briefcase along with the proverbial cheese sandwich and something from the five a day menu.

    Disapointment was the lasting and telling impression that I felt after seeing the photo's of her, not that they were poor quality or that she wasn't attractive, far from it, it just seemed like she had been strangely cheapened by the publication of the shots, an odd conclusion to reach given that her tits were regularly plastered across page 3!

    Teenage hormones can be pretty powerful - Ha!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photos. Wonderful stuff that is far superior and far more stylish than the cheap and tacky magazines of today. The set with the bed looks far better than anything used in the equivalent magazines of today, the photos are far more tastefully and imaginatively lit than today's 'soft-core' magazines.

  6. I love Linda Hairy Bush Pure Heaven !!

  7. Beauitful..i miss those days,before the silicone injected waxed barbie dolls of today,..will natural glamour ever come back.

  8. I remember buying this mag in Feb '77 when I was 15 (still remember the nervousness as I went up to the counter in WHS)! I had 2 copies of Mayfair to satisfy my carnal cravings for a whole year so I knew every inch of every picture. LL was discovered by the MF photographers and only later did she go on to page 3. (I must admit of the Page 3 queens I preferred Sam Fox to her!)

  9. Linda is definitely one fine momma. I love in #22 how you can see the soft hair on her thighs. Werid, maybe but it's something acceptable on a beauty like her.

  10. Real men prefer bushes. Denuded women look like 11 year olds. It's creepy for any healthy man to desire a woman without pubic hair, & for a woman to want to rid herself of it. It exists to differentiate adults from children. What is society coming to when adult women & some men feel compelled to denude themselves?

    1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN to that, brother!!! Whoever started the trend of "Bald is Beautiful" relating to "down there" ought to be castrated!! I've always said that I want to feel like I'm Making Love to a WOMAN, NOT a 7 year old with breast implants. I would feel creepy having sex with a woman with no bush. I don't want to feel like a pedophile when I'm with a woman. I'm sorry. But, I think bald pussies are just downright disgusting. And, no! Having a few hairs "down there" does NOT constitute a BUSH!! I think it looks even worse when they shave everything off except a patch the size of a dime or when they have that stupid (what I call) Kit Kat Bar Bush or, what others have called the "runway" bush. What is THAT supposed to be saying?? "I'm too lazy to finish the job??" In my opinion, the most attractive pussy is one that the bush is neatly trimmed up to but not creeping outside the fence (bikini border) and has a little puff/fluff/substance to it and doesn't extend pass the labia (no anal hair for me). Thank God for this website! It reminds us of when women actually looked like WOMEN when nude. All natural and with real "bounce" and "jiggle". :) Amen to those Women today who chose to feel and look like a REAL Woman!

    2. Rubbish.

      Each to his own. I've absolutely zero interest in children, but I do like a nice bald, silky adult pussy.

  11. VagueRant, I don't think it's weird at all. Fine golden hair on a girl's upper legs can be very sexy.

    Anonymous, I couldn't agree more about bushes. I did see a recent copy of Mayfair and they had a furrg girl in there. Good for them. I suspect the bald thing is more an American thing than a European one

    1. Hardly. All the Dutch, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian women I know are completely hairless from the neck down. I would consider all of them... European.

  12. This site has an amazing stock of vintage. A great idea, thanks.

  13. I believe 'denuding' came into vogue to allow more to be seen. Porn required more sensational viewing, always will. People rutting is people rutting so how do you advance? Closer, clearer, more and that's all really. So shaven haven lets you see everything. Unfortunately, it also brings in the teen scene, no bad thing but now they cater to the kiddie crew with teddy bears, lollipops and kids pants. Not good!

    Great to get some vintage erotica, mid to late 70's Paul Raymond mags were the business. Club International & Men Only, my ex threw my 4 year collection when we split up. Harsh!

  14. One of the hairyest pussies of the 80's , still wanking over these pics

  15. Never knew she did 'Nude' till an hour ago! I'm a bit shocked to be honest. I really had a thing for Linda.L back in the early 80's - & wish I'd seen these pics then, coz I know just what I'd of enjoyed
    doing! (Could never do it over just a topless page 3 pic)

  16. I know what you mean about Page 3 -completely non erotic. I never could tell whether Beverley Goodaway was just a not very good photographer or was told to not make the girls look sexy.

  17. Called herself suzanne when she showed her pussy , who's she trying to kid ???? . Mind you looking at these pictures she obviously likes being fucked on all fours , I just imagine my 9"prick having a delve between those cunt lips .

  18. So if the Linda pussy shots weren't published in Mayfair vol 12 no 2, which magazine were they published in? Mayfair vol 19 no 2? Or one of the Penthouse pictorials from the late '80s?

  19. what a cunning stunt.

  20. Buceta gostosa linda, que tesão, nu aqui e me deixou assim, muita vontade de trepar gostoso, beijos ..