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Friday, January 22, 2010

Line Venuses by Mario Tauzin

Agent Triple P first became aware of the art of Mario Tauzin from Dr Phylis and Dr Eberhard Kronhausen's seminal work The Complete Book of Erotic Art; a celebration of the first official exhibition of erotic art held in Lund, Sweden, from May 3rd to July 31st 1968.

Very little is known about Tauzin other than that he was French and lived from 1910 until 1979.

The set of 30 erotic etchings he produced in the 1930's were the source of inspiration to the author Henri Breton, who wrote a series of short stories (published as The Devil's Whisper) inspired by them, which were set in Marseilles in the 1950s and 1960s.

It is appropriate that the Kronhausens chose a Japanese Shunga picture for their exhibition poster as Tauzin's art shows great influence from the Shunga masters and his approach to line is very similar to Hashiguchi's from a decade earlier, as well as some of Picasso's work in the twenties.

The Cigarette

Agent Triple P has also found pictures of a couple of paintings by Tauzin which, whilst very nice, are in no way a match for the sensuous and economical lines of his copper plate etchings.

Chien et chat


  1. The name of the series is "interdit aux adultes"

  2. I found your blog by following a search link to your images here of Mario Tauzin's work. I just gave away a poster I'd had since 77 of the guy and two girls.
    In another blog here, you were talking about "What is Art and What is Porn?"
    Thought you might like to read this story, which is more art than porn.
    Fortunately the AvP discussion is right at the start of the story.
    Nice blog, BTW. I had no idea that there were so few English artists that did erotic works, but now that I think about it, hmm...

  3. Thanks for the link: an interesting definition in that story although I have had the it's black and white so it's art discussion with several people as regards photos!