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Monday, June 1, 2009

Most searched for: May

Melodye: Remains at number 1

Unbelievably it's June already and in looking to see what has been most popular with readers around the world we have realised that we have hardly put anyting up on the site for a month. This is partly because we were in Canada but we must get some more Venuses up this month!

For May the top 15 items were as follows (last month in brackets):

1 (1) Melodye Prentiss. Recently deceased Playmate hangs on to number one (just)

2 (5) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Jailbait Playmate continues to climb.

3 (4) The Pubic Wars. We are currently re-wrting episode two.

5 (7) Gloria Root. Back into the top 5 for Playmate and top urban planner Gloria.

6 (3) Venus Observations. Looks like more people are bookmarking it!

7 (2) Mary-Louise O'Murphy by Boucher. Mary-Louise's plump behind continues to be the arty favourite.

8 (-) Claire Rambeau. Playboy's Miss October 1971 scores well considering we only have one picture of her on the site.

9 (8) Liv Lindeland. We recently acquired a copy of the taboo breaking Playboy from 1971. More on her soon.

11 (9) Stephanie McLean. Flashed her fur nine months before Liv.

12 (-) Syrinx by Arthur Hacker. A re-entry for the nymph who ended up chopped into bits and blown through.

13 (6) Lady Godiva by John Collier. Still a favourite.

14 (-) Giselle Bundchen on a horse. Naked girl plus horse hits all sorts of buttons, obviously!

15 (-) Ursula Andress. Makes an appearance even though we have no pictures of her. Must remedy that!

Right enough retrospective more Venuses!


  1. Liv Lindeland is my most favorite playmate! Good choice.
    To be complete, however, your list should include the ageless Goddess, Cynthia Meyers! She is the classic "Venus"!

  2. Ah Cynthia! A sixties icon. She apeared in one of my favourite Hammer films, the superbly strange The Lost Continent alongside equally busty blues singer Dana Gillespie as a pirate girl.

  3. According to IMDB, Cynthia Myers didn't appear in "The Lost Continent":

    Cynthia is, however, the new poster girl for the Schlitz Brewing Company, Milwaukee, USA:

    Cynthia's Shrine is a Yahoo Group:

    and her homepage:

    She is the ageless Goddess!

  4. You are quite right! Serves me right for believing Wikipedia. She can't possibly have been in The Lost Continent as it pre-dates her Playboy appearance!

  5. Perhaps Agent Triple P will take out his wrath on Agent Wiki Pedia, and not consider excising me from the inventory for contradicting his magnificent self?!

  6. Agent Triple P is always delighted to hear from experts!