Erotic depictions of women in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography from the dawn of man to the present.

Monday, June 27, 2016

German Venuses at the Motzener See 1926

This splendid shot of German bathing beauties was taken in 1926 by Josef Bayer at the edge of the Motzener See, a lake in Brandenburg, about twenty miles south of Berlin.  This area was the epicentre of German naturism which had really started in 1902 with the nacktkultur movement espoused by Heinrich Pudor in his treatise published that year.,  Naturism was one part of the back to nature Lebensreform (life reform) social movement in Germany, which began in the late nineteenth century.  Different parts of the movement espoused such things as organic food, vegetarianism, alternative medicine, naturism and sexual liberation.  If this all sounds a bit hippy culture then it is not surprising as a number of German practitioners of Lebensreform emigrated to California in the first half of the twentieth century and some of them arrived in San Franciso in 1967, taking their back to nature beliefs with them.  Other parts of the Lebensreform movement abstained from alcohol and smoking and in pre-WW2 Germany there was a strong anti-smoking lobby which was already pointing out the health risks of the habit.  Adolf Hitler was very anti smoking!

The wandervogel movement, which was created in the Steglitz Grammar School in Berlin in 1896 was a similar back to nature movement but aimed at German youth.  Encouraging physical activity (including naturism) and, especially after the Great War, nationalism, it merged with other scouting groups until it was abolished by the Nazis who took some aspects of its approach in the formation of the Hitler Youth.  The movement was revived after WW2 and continues to this day.

Naturism became increasingly popular in Germany and continued to flourish even in communist East Germany (which was where the Motzener See was located after WW2).   

Bayer's photograph is a wonderful, painterly composition which certainly acts as an excellent advertisement for naked, al fresco frolicking.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Lust World - Chapter 5

Bloomsbury Square Gardens

I have just posted the next chapter of my erotic adventure story, The Lust World here

Edmund Molloy, a journalist, was assigned by his newspaper, The Daily Courier, to interview the notorious Professor Challenor, who was due to give a lecture on the discovery of prehistoric creatures in the jungles of Amazonia. Molloy was charmed by the Professor's flirtatious wife, Edith, who he had eavesdropped upon while she engaged in a bout of passion with her husband at their home in Bloomsbury Square Gardens.

The encounter in this chapter is based on an incident that happened to Agent Triple P in Rome in the nineteen eighties.  Triple P visited, with some colleagues, a lady businesswoman at her house for lunch one Friday (no work being done in most of Rome on Friday afternoons).  It being August and extremely hot we had been told to take our swimming things as the lady liked to ask her guests to join her in her plunge pool.  Agent Triple P, at twenty four, was very much the youngest guest there.  The head of our Italian office was in his sixties (he did not swim), our other colleagues from England were in their late fifties and the lady in question was in her early forties.  

After lunch, which was taken outside by the pool, she did encourage us all to join her in the water.  She removed her sun dress and then her bikini top and slipped straight in.  She had a fine, curvy figure and certainly didn't look her age.  We went inside her house to change and a very welcome twenty minutes was spent cooling off, as it was well over a hundred degrees.

We all got changed to leave soon after but Triple P could not find his watch which we must have dropped in the house inside.  She informed Triple P she would get in contact if she found it and that evening she contacted our hotel and informed Triple P that she had done so..  She suggested we come and pick it up the following morning (Saturday), which we did.  Events proceeded in very similar fashion to that related in this chapter. We later discovered that she had had her maid remove mTriple P's watch  from our pile of clothes while we were in the pool.  Unlike our hero in The Lust World, however, it was several days before we emerged, drained, from the clutches of this Italian water spider.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Chinese Venus: Asia Zo for 13 Million views

Sometime last month, and unnoticed by Triple P amidst all the Italian and masturbating Venuses we celebrated in May, Venus Observations passed 13 million views.  Looking around for a country, US State or city of a population of 13 million we came across Guangzhou, with a population of 13,080,500.

It was quite tricky to find a suitable lady born there but we managed to find an unsuitable one instead.  Born in that city was 29 year old  former (she retired earlier this year) porn star Asia Zo.

We are particularly pleased to present her because her very existence, as a daughter of Guangzhou ,would give the Chinese a fit.

Earlier in the year we were working with a firm trying to organise an art exhibition in China and we became aware of all their censorship of art (as well as many other things).

Although we have met a few (a very few) nice Chinese people (yes, Angel, we are thinking of you) but we cannot stand their unpleasant government and the way it treats its own people, let alone people in other countries.

We have been to China just once and have no intention of ever going there again, even if the government did, essentially, offer Triple P a really lovely girl in a floaty silk dress who took us up to the top of a hotel in Beijing to look down at the Forbidden City.  Rubbery!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Personally Selected Venus 12: Linda Fiorentino in Jade

Here is a still from the William (The Exorcist) Friedkin's erotic thriller (remember those?) Jade (1995) which pretty much encapsulates the film noir-ish appeal of actress Linda Fiorentino, who was on the cusp of becoming a huge star in the nineties, although it didn't quite work out that way.  This is a great image, helped, compositionally by the angle of the shot and the moody lighting.  The light on her upper thigh (Fiorentino had great legs) gives a tangible, tactile impression of her flesh and her wonderful back is highlighted too.

Her definitive role was as a femme fatale in the film noir, The Last Seduction (1994) in which, as one reviewer noted, she spends a lot of time squatting so that you can see that she is wearing stockings.  I went to see it in London with a girlfriend at one of the smaller arthouse cinemas (The Curzon?) and she immediately started wearing black hold-up stockings as a result; a very gratifying outcome.

The Last Seduction was an arthouse hit and Fiorentino's performance was being spoken of as Oscar worthy but, unfortunately, her film company had shown it on HBO before its theatrical release thus disqualifying it.  She was nominated for and won a number of lesser awards for the role including the London Film Critics Circle Award and she was nominated for a BAFTA.  It has a very high 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and we highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.

As a result of The Last Seduction's success many of her older, straight to video films were re-released such was the buzz around her. In 1995 Vogue had Herb Ritts shoot a fashion pictorial of her as she was so high profile at the time.  Famously,  She was offered a body double for the sex scenes in The Last Seduction but turned it down and did them herself.  Fiesty!

Actually, maybe rather too feisty, as she developed a reputation for being 'difficult' and her work dried up at the end of the nineties but not before she had appeared in Men in Black (1997), her part in which was an indicator of how well known she had become.  Tommy Lee Jones, however, was quoted as saying he wouldn't come back for Men in Black 2 if Fiorentino was involved.  Others said she wanted too much money.  She said she was "unavailable".

Of course, according to Fiorentino, she wasn't difficult at all but was just tired of men giving her hassle on set; often the fate, to be fair, of actresses who play a number of sexy roles.   Jade was a flop and the scriptwriter for Jade was Joe Eszterhaz who had become huge following Basic Instinct (1992) but a triple punch of the diabolically bad Sliver (1993) with Sharon Stone, Jade and then the knockout punch of Showgirls (1995) virtually killed his career. Jade's screenplay by Eszterhas was nominated for a Golden Raspberry award as worst screenplay (slightly unfairly as Friedken had rewritten most of it to the extent Eszterhas wanted his credit taken off it) but he was beaten by his own Showgirls.

She hasn't appeared in a film since 2009 but in her prime was one of the most incandescently sexy actresses on screen.  Was she difficult or did she just end up in some not very good, not very successful films?  The other element is her age, of course.  She had been making unsuccessful films for ten years before The Last Seduction and was 37 when it came out.  Tough for an actress pigeonholed as a sex symbol although she is almost exactly the same age as Sharon Stone who. incidentally passed on the role in Jade (as did Julia Roberts).

A still of a Fiorentino sex scene in Jade (which, surprisingly, William Friedkin thinks is his favourite film of all those he has done) was considered perfect to represent the whole genre in Linda Ruth William's book The Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sauce Material: Venus in Books 1 - Sappho the Art of Loving Women

This one is really specifically for Scarlett Knight and Sophie, who both love their books and bookshelves.  It is a section from my shelves depicting some of the books that help me with my various posts on Venus Observations and the Seduction of Venus.

Looking at these, we can recall that the first art nude photographic book we bought was J Frederick Smith's Sappho: The Art of Loving Women which Triple P bought in a remaindered bookshop in my local town in about 1979.  £6.95 was a lot of money in 1979, given Sainsbury's were selling half bottles of wine at 99 pence!

It is a gently sensuous, rather than overtly erotic, book dating from 1975.  Famously, a photo in similar style by Smith (headlining the pictorial inside featuring pictures from the book) in Playboy in October 1975 helped start the movement within the organisation that led to Playboy surrendering in the Pubic Wars battle with Penthouse.  Half naked lesbians on the cover!  Horrors!

Whilst some readers wrote in to Playboy praising the "tasteful", "artistic and erotic", pictorial one grumpy reader was not impressed at all. "I think your pictorial Sappho is in very poor taste. It's offensive, stupid and immature! This is supposed to be a men's magazine! Why must we be subjected to the immoral acts of those stupid girls? Why don't you leave such material to magazines that cater for homosexuals?"  Oh dear!

There are a number of short sequences in the book using a number of different models and, while illustrated with verses by the Greek poetess Sappho, most lead Triple P to think about little stories or scenarios for the characters depicted.

Quite a few of the pictures feature an older woman with a younger girl and these have a real 'experience versus innocence' quality about them.  We have featured some more pictures from the book in The Seduction of Venus here, where these would more normally sit, but we want this to be an ongoing series on Venus Observations.

More saucy books another time.