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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Black and White Venus by Andre de Dienes (1913-1985)

At a time when the depiction of pubic hair, even in art photography, was very rare this nineteen fifties photograph by Hungarian Andre de Dienes (born Andor György Ikafalvi-Dienes) packs an assertive punch.  Born in Transylvania (now part of Romania but then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire) in 1913, after a sojourn to Tunisia. where he bought his first camera, he arrived in Paris at the age of twenty to study art and also began photographing for magazines.   In 1938 he was offered a job at Esquire magazine which funded his emigration to the US.  Apart from fashion and portrait photography (he did a famous set of pictures of a nineteen year old Norma Jean Baker in 1945 and they had a brief affair) he did a lot of nude work after he moved to California in 1944.

More of his splendid beach nudes another time.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Non centrefold Venus of the Month 48: Colleen Carney, August 1976

S, from Vancouver has been complaining that our posts of late have been "too artistic" by which she means, as we well know, that there have not been enough naked seventies and eighties girls flashing their bits.


So we can remedy this today by, unusually, posting a non centrefold of the month from the correct month, for once.  This comes from Penthouse from August 1976 which featured, the really rather magnificent, Vicki Lynn Johnson on the cover.  This is something of a classic issue as it also features Rhianna Post (aka Henrietta Kellog) one of the Penthouse girls who appeared in Bob Guccione's Caligula.

We don't discover much about Colleen in the text except it claims she is from California, is 5'4" tall and measures 35-23-35.  All, some or none of which may be true.

Colleen was another one of those girls who posed once for Penthouse and then disappeared.  We have never seen her in any other magazine of the time.

this is a shame as she has a slightly unconventional face which makes her look more real; more, dare we say, girl-next-door.  One of the things Triple P responds to in a woman's face is a strong and characterful nose and this Colleen certainly has.

This is a classic, full-on boudoir set with brass bedstead, floaty clothes, stockings and garter belts and a selection of lingerie (the magazine credits Frederick's of Hollywood).

Colleen also has a nicely shaped bust with entertainingly prominent nipples of the kind we also appreciate.

Big hats were very popular at this time and were very useful, in pictorials of the time, from which to look enigmatic under.  

There are no shots featuring her entire body; this one is as close as we get.  The pictures were shot by Timothy John in his only shoot for Penthouse.  It may be that Colleen was a friend of the photographer and he just sold this one set of her.  It is unusual because Penthouse usually stuck to a small stable of photographers.

Here is Colleen spread-legged in stockings in what would be known as an Emmanuelle chair, after the film poster featuring Sylvia Kristel.  It should be remembered that these sorts of poses were comparatively recent in the magazine.  Up until now almost all shots like this had been done using heavy soft focus.

To have a girl displaying herself like this in multiple pictures was actually new for the magazine and Colleen had more pictures featuring her labia than any Penthouse girl to date.

This is another appealing aspect of Miss Carney for Triple P, in that she has nice prominent parts which we find visually more interesting.  This shot of her with her fingers either side of her clitoris was unprecedented in Penthouse to that point.

Again, there is no soft focus or dim lighting in order to partly conceal what she has.  This brought Penthouse into line with what Paul Raymond's Club had started to show a few months earlier and Hustler had started to show before that.

An even clearer pussy picture here but with added 'artistic' grapes and a candle lighting up her pink petals.

Rear end shots which actually included the models anus were very rare indeed at this point and Coleen joined the handful of Penthouse girls who had shown off their rears in such a way.

In this final image she is completely displayed, with a suggestion, especially compared with other shots in the pictorial, that she is genuinely aroused.  

So, a rather envelope pushing pictorial for Colleen with her interesting nose and prominent bits.  She is one of our favourite Penthouse models of the second half of the seventies.  

More seventies girls soon!

Updated Venuses by Boucher

I have updated my post on the painting of Marie-Louise O'Murphy by Boucher with a couple of additional images as shown here.   The top one is Marie-Louise herself, drawn from life, while the second is Boucher's wife.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Personally Selected Venuses 9: Three Women by Robert Farber

This is a nice study by Robert Farber (whose one and only Penthouse pictorial, Moulin Rouge can be found here) shot in Newport, Rhode Island in the eighties.  It has something of the Three Graces about it.  Just using natural light for illumination it is typical of his black and white work in the eighties.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Venus Passing: Yvonne Craig 1937-2015

Another one of Agent Triple P's favourite fantasy women, when he was younger ,,has died.  Yvonne Craig was best known for her appearance as Batgirl in the third season of the sixties Batman TV (the annoying theme tune for which was written by Neil Hefti who composed the far more sophisticated score for a Triple P favourite, How to Murder Your Wife (1965).  It wasn't as the purple skin tight clad Batgirl that she made an impression on Triple P, however.  We weren't allowed to watch Batman when we were young as it was on ITV (commercial television) rather than the BBC and Triple P's parents didn't approve.

No, it was as the treacherous Marta, a green-skinned Orion slave girl in the Star Trek (Star Trek was on the BBC) episode Whom Gods Destroy that she first registered with Triple P, wearing one of Bill Theiss' incredible costumes.

Although Yvonne is best remembered for her many TV appearances in the sixties she originally trained as a ballerina and at the age of 17 became the youngest member of the The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, with whom she toured for three years.

She was discovered by a Hollywood agent at the age of 21 and made her first film The Young Land, one of three she shot in 1959. She had already appeared in some TV but made some more films including two with Elvis Presley who was her boyfriend for a time as a result.  Triple P remembers her as a ballerina in the James Coburn Bond spoof In Like Flint (1967).

Her dance training proved useful when she got the Batgirl role and enabled her to do many of her own stunts.  She appeared in a number of other popular TV shows in the sixties, including:  The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Laramie, Dr Kildare, Wagon train, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Land of the Giants and It Takes a Thief.  In the seventies she had roles in Kojak, Starsky and Hutch, The Six Million Dollar Man and Fantasy Island

After her acting roles dried up in the late seventies she worked as a real estate broker and started a phone card business with her sister.  In 2000 she wrote her autobiography Ballet to the Batcave and Beyond.

A splendid woman!