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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Perky Venus 2: Chloe-Jasmine Whichello

Chloe-Jasmine Whichello made the final of this year's X-Factor but was soon eliminated on the grounds that she couldn't sing, had pancake makeup over bad spots and was as fake as a £25 Rolex from a Bangkok market. 

She is currently still desperately trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame by admitting she had a "romance" (although it actually sounds like just one kiss) with one of the other, contestants, Stevi Ritchie, one of the ugliest men to ever appear on national television.

Never mind, when she was an aspiring model (we suspect she has been an aspiring lot of things) she posed for some tasteful topless shots of which this is the nicest.

Don't just sing something lie there!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Venus in Black Stockings 8: Irina Demick

There are a few women who made an early impact on Agent Triple P at that time when we were starting to realise that women were more interesting than we had previously thought which, in our case, was at about the age of eleven.  Initially, it was a mixture of bikini clad lovelies who livened up the pages of The Sunday Express and certain actresses who we had seen on TV or, perhaps more unusually, at the cinema.  Like many people in the sixties Triple P's family only went to the cinema once a year, for the annual James Bond film. We didn't have a colour television until 1974 so it was on our uncle's colour TV that we first saw Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965) and was immediately struck by the lovely Irina Demick.

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines

Of course, the fact that her first appearance in the film was as a naked artist's model on the beach (for an unusually cast John LeMesurier as a French artist) helped impress her on our consciousness.  The circling aircraft of Jean-Pierre Cassel's character attracted a large crowd to the beach where Miss Demich filmed her scene and the police had to be called to hold back peeping Toms.

The Longest Day

Demick was born in Pommeuse, just east of Paris in 1936, so was twenty-nine at the time of Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines. She was born Irina Dziemiach of Russian-Jewish ancestry. She became a model in Paris and having appeared in a film in 1959 met American producer Darryl Zannuck, who was 34 years her senior, at a friend's house.  Zannuck was immediately smitten and she joined a line of his girlfriends whose careers he promoted.  He gave her a part in his D-Day epic The Longest Day (1962) as a French resistance fighter.

Naked on the beach again in Le Clan des Siciliens (1969)

Ken Annakin, the director of some of The Longest Day's sequences, was also the director of the Zannuck produced Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines.  It was Zannuck himself who suggested the idea of her taking a multiple role as the various women from different countries pursued by the French pilot Pierre Dubois, played by Jean-Pierre Cassel.

She appeared in another dozen films up until 1972 but married a Swiss businessman, moved to Rome and had a baby, retiring from the film industry.  After she divorced him in 1979 she moved to the US and died in Indianapolis in 2004 just short of her sixty-eight birthday.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Perky Venus 1: Lara Stone

Agent Triple P is very much a bottom man, with legs coming in second and busts third.  That said, over the last few years we have come to appreciate a larger bust than heretofore, which may have something to do with advancing years.

This month, however, we were very taken by a recent set of photographs of thirty year old Dutch model Lara Stone (especially the one at top, which is a marvel) who had a pictorial in trendy London fashion magazine System.  This, the fourth issue of the magazine, had four alternate covers featuring different women who appeared inside as well as a scratch and sniff cover, hence the tagline.  Lara smells like raspberries, apparently.  

Stone is more famous in Britain for being the (somewhat unlikely) wife of British comedian David Walliams, who is thirteen years her senior.

Lara, who had a baby earlier in the year, posed for London-based German photographer Juergen Teller and the resulting pictures were happily (and unusually) free of Photoshopping.  Its quite brave of someone whose image is everything to agree to this.  She reported that she lost several modelling contracts after her baby's birth because of perceived body issues.

Frankly, we thing she looks gorgeous and like a real woman (albeit an unusually attractive one) rather than someone whose appearance is mostly down to special effects (like Kate Moss).

The most noticeable things about her are her superbly perky nipples; something that Triple P appreciates in a lady.  We used to have a girlfriend who liked to be licked into prominence so that her appearance was just like this.  Hours of endless fun!

So we very much like Ms Stone and her outstanding teats and salute her for appearing in her splendid natural state!  More perky busts another time.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Venus on a Tiger Skin; by Viktor Bobrov

Nude on a Tiger Skin (1885)

Here is an enticing autumnal nude by Russian painter Viktor Bobrov (1841-1918).  It is executed in pencil and watercolour, which had been his favoured medium until about 1880, after which he largely returned to oils and produced a series of Salon portraits, often using the same model in different contemporary and historical costume. The original is quite small: about thirteen inches by nine.

There is little to explain the subject's story although the discarded tambourine hints at, perhaps, a Bacchante, although the setting does not look very Mediterranean.  Her crown of leaves is rather autumnal in colour and what looks like a dried teasel in the foreground would confirm the season.  Her pose is very provocative for the period. 

Any woman posed on a  tiger skin brings to mind the verse:

Would you like to sin 
With Elinor Glyn 
On a tiger skin? 
Or would you prefer 
To err with her 
On some other fur?

The English novelist and early Hollywood scriptwiter Elinor Glyn has a peripheral impact on the subject of our next post, too.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dancing Venus: Ola Jordan Calendar 2015

Front cover shot and January

Strictly Come Dancing's Polish poppet Ola Jordan's 2015 Calendar has just come out so we need no excuse to present her here.


We have every shot from the calendar although we have included the colour versions of some pictures which are printed in black and white in the calendar itself.


She looks slightly less Photoshopped in this year's effort and at least looks like herself, which was not always the case for the 2014 one.

April (black and white in the calendar)

Ola on location, August 2014

Unlike her previous calendar, which was shot on a sunny beach, this one was photographed in far from glamourous East London.


She is showing even more skin than she did in last year's effort but that, of course, is a good thing.


The grumpy Pole has been embroiled in a bit of scandal over the last few weeks, all of which, no doubt, will be good for sales.


Firstly, Ola went to a nightclub with Strictly contestant Caroline Flack (cougar former lover of teen boy band One Direction's Harry Styles - a fourteen year age difference) and got into a snogging session with her.


Secondly, Ola's celebrity partner this year, simian TV naturalist Steve Backshall, apparently complained to the BBC that 5'3" tall Ola was bullying him.  He demanded that the BBC provide someone to sit in on all his training sessions so he didn't have to be alone with her at any time.

September (black and white in the calendar)

Need less to say, there was no evidence of any tension between them on last week's show but no doubt the supposed spat was good for ratings.


Ola's even grumpier husband, James, whose contract as a professional dancer was not renewed this year, following, it is said, endless arguments with the judges behind the scenes, then said that the BBC was trying to ger rid of Ola too as she was too popular.  Hmm.


All of this means, we suspect, that Ola may not be back next year, especially as she has been saying she wants to start a family.


Her splendid derriere and bouncy upper works will be much missed but at least, with this calendar, she will be going out with a bang.  You can buy it here.  Let's just hope we get her in a catsuit before she is, inevitably, knocked out.

 Rear cover